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I’m going to tell you about an incident that went through my press last year.
I was studying at a health vocational high school (currently a graduate)
We were going in groups of 2 . My wife did not come because she was
. So I told
her . He sat across from me. I was going to ask the exact questions. Then what?

let me see you see a peach through her bathrobe. she was alone at home. at that moment, my
mouth was upright.

He noticed that I was staring at his legs and told
me to sit next to him. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t stand it anymore. As the first move, I threw the
pen and the brochures on the floor. It was time. I leaned
between his lips immediately. he was unbuttoning
my shirt
. I untied his bathrobe and left his lip on the sofa
. My pussy smelled like a cunt. After stroking and watering a little with my hand
, I started to load. At first, he didn’t make any sound. Then
he started saying fuck me. How crazy I was after 2 or 3
moves It was obvious from my ejaculation. And I fucked her cunt well. Her breasts
I was starting to lick and strange sounds were coming from the girl. I was in good taste too. When I started
shoving my dick in and out between her breasts
. He was saying fuck me in the ass. He licked my dick, gave a good
spit and stuck it in his ass. First I slowly slid it back and
made a quick move. What a scream that was. And we went to the bathroom right away
so I wouldn’t have a chat. We had a good sex in the bathroom. I put on our clothes and
left. I haven’t seen that girl again to this day so we don’t get in trouble.
A good memory of youth…

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