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I want to tell you about last night by adding something different. I’m coming to your sister’s house at 11 o’clock we agreed on, to
my beloved with a pussy and ass .
I greet and hug my sister and express my gratitude by hugging her neck
for allowing me to meet you and me . I give you a small but heartfelt greeting,
saying that you are welcome as well .
After all, we
send your sister to the room. We immediately kiss passionately. Neither kiss.
slowly I am taking off your clothes. You keep kissing me too
. You object a little at first because you promised your sister.
I’m not saying anything either, but I’m slowly undressing you. By the way my dick
I’m rubbing your ass. You start to froth over your dress, you
forget to keep the promise you made to your sister, of course,
you surrender everything to me to enjoy my charm and my dick. We pull down your sweatpants
and take your pants down, that thin beautiful cunt is
looking at me like come and fuck me in front of my eyes. You are
trying to give me pleasure by stroking my hair in a mashed state. I immediately part the
lips of your cunt and insert my tongue into that beautiful cunt and inhale it is
so sweet that you make me drink the juice of the sweetest cunt in the world.
In the meantime, we’re watching your sister. Your sister comes to us on the pretext of the phone,
and we want your sister to go as soon as possible because she is having unfinished pleasure.
We’re looking not to stall. It was such a sweet feeling for you to lie on my chest next to your sister and
kiss you, my dear, because it is difficult for you to wear the tracksuit when your sister is coming , I tell you to wear
a skirt, because when we remove the skirt, it
would be more beautiful to fight that wonderful cunt, you are wearing the skirt. When your sister leaves,
this time I take the skirt up and lick your cunt, it’s so cute that I can’t describe it
. I pull my pants down and start rubbing my cunt.
At one point, I lift you up in the air, take you in my arms,
bring your cunt to my scar and slowly rub your cunt on my wound. A little juicy
cunt’s head is getting in the way you scream aaaaaaaaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhhh
you forgot everything you gave yourself to me you are so innocent so sweet
There is a side of you that I can’t explain, I put you down again and start rubbing my fuckin
‘ dick you aaaahhhhhh ooooohhhhhh you are getting better by pulling
. Your sister knocks on the door, you say a minute and we collect ourselves, we
talk to your sister casually, you sit next to your sister on my lap, this time because you have a skirt, I stroke your cunt from the bottom and I slowly lick my finger into
her ass that I am longing for and can’t wait to fuck . You are moving, your sister warns us not to misbehave. I continue to caress you without paying any attention to it. You kiss me too. When your sister comes out, this time we crawl on the floor kissing. I keep giving you pleasure by getting up and rubbing my cunt. A

Call, I put you on the couch and lick your cunt so much that you
scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Then I tug on his lips and rub my cunt.
I slowly rub my cunt inside the sides of it. We continue in aaaaaaahhhhs and ooooohs
. By the way, we started making love at 11:45,
it was 01:30, we are not aware of the time. Your sister
comes next, checks us out and leaves. When your sister comes, there are
rest hours for us. When she leaves, we continue where we left off like crazy
. In fact, you ask me specific questions about my wife and myself, and I
answer you with all sincerity, even
when I am with you and my wife, I tell you what I think about you, and you are mine.
you agree with my crazy fantasy and you want me to fuck
my wife the way you want me to fuck yourself while having sex while sleeping with my wife and fantasize me
to think about fuck you when i’m with my wife and now i’m thinking you love me so much and i understand better that you do your best
to enjoy the one you love so much .
And now I realize that
I also love you very, very much. Because I’m trying my best to give you pleasure and I’m trying to reciprocate
your love by risking some things. Tonight was the beginning for us and if we have a little patience and you continue to love we will experience more pleasures and flavors. She has to leave her sister’s house, even if she doesn’t want to.

I’m staying, even if it’s very difficult to leave your beautiful lips, pussy and ass, I’m
leaving, my love, if we get such an opportunity again, we will, then
I want to fuck you in your ass. I want you
to prepare your ass for that day, my dear, I also want you to taste the good taste of your cunt and lick the
juice of your cunt thinking of me.

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