甘い声でイっちゃうパイパン、クリ責めオナニー(素人、個人撮影、無修正) porno

It was late evening. At that time, the phone rang, it was my
girlfriend. He was bored too and
asked me if you would come to us. I said ok and went to his house.

My girlfriend was really gorgeous when she opened the door. I’ve never seen it this
way before. She wore a strappy body underneath and
a white capri that stuck to her body. Her hair looked wet and gelled
. Her perfume already made my head spin. I kissed and
went inside. I went into the living room and sat down. He said he was making tea and went to the kitchen.
I saw her breasts as she bent over as she brought the teas and offered them. It was eating away at me
. It was really great.

Fearing the tray onto the table, I saw the black thong underneath.
I completely broke down when I saw him anyway . He came and sat next to me. I drank my tea
, put it on the table and sat next to him again. I turned his face away and pressed his lips to
mine. We kissed for a long time now our tongues were clasped together and our
lips were starting to go numb.

I slowly lowered the straps of his body and
started kissing and sucking on his neck. He closed his eyes and left me alone. I lowered the straps completely
and brought her breasts out.

I started licking her belly…I kissed her breasts for a long time.
He was moaning and breathing with his eyes closed . After a while,
I took off her body completely and started licking her belly. She was now completely
moaning as she licked her belly.

Since her whim was white, the wetness of the part where
her cunt was was obvious. I started kissing her neck again, and I brought my hand to her pussy under her whim
. He was startled when he felt my hand. I was slowly stroking her
clit and stroking it.

I couldn’t stand it, got up, untied his whim and brought it down. He only wore a thong now
. After kissing her thong from the front a few times , I
turned her back and slowly lowered her thong. So I
kissed and licked his butt. After a while, I also undressed and curled my hands in
front of me, leaning on the seat.
I got behind him and slowly inserted my dick into his warm cunt .

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I accelerated by saying that’s enough slowness.
My girlfriend was moaning and yelling as she was coming and going . After a few minutes
of fucking like this, I felt it contract and ejaculate. He had his head down
. Not long after, I took my dick out of her pussy with a sudden movement
and ejaculated in her ass…

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