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Hello friends, I want to write you a completely lived new incest turban sex story. In fact, I did not know whether to describe my story as incest or as a story with a headscarf, because there are both incest issues and these issues are experienced with a housewife wearing a headscarf. You can read it in whatever subject you are more interested in, but I’m sure it will please you on two issues because I was about to pass out with pleasure while I was experiencing this.

My name is Birtan, I am writing to you from Istanbul. Actually, I have been living in Istanbul for years, but now I had to move to another city for education. I have been living in Ankara for two years, we are staying with three friends in Altındağ. What I’m going to tell you includes what I experienced with my mother, who was wearing a headscarf, when I came home for the candy holiday, and they were truly incredible moments. Right now, my mom is doing housework inside, but while I have time, I searched the internet to see if there is anyone who fucks with their mother like me, a few sex stories on this site.I found them and after reading them, I wanted to tell you what I experienced. Actually, my mom had to get behind her back and watch her big ass while she was doing the housework, but since my dad is at home, getting caught watching my mom could get me in trouble. Actually, the only thing I’m afraid of is that I might not be able to fuck with my mom again so I don’t want to risk it and I definitely don’t want to water my mom while my dad is home. Anyway, instead of explaining to you more, I think it would be much better if I started the story of incest sex with my mother with a headscarf fingering my ass.

Since my father is a coffee shop addict, he usually hangs in the cafe until late at night and leaves my turbaned mother alone at home. I came home around 11 am, my father still hadn’t come as usual and my mother was watching TV. My mother is a woman in her 40s, chubby, a little flirty to the neighbors. I know about this quirk because I see him doing it from time to time, but he is very careful with my father because my father is a very jealous man. Anyway, I sat across from my mother who was watching TV. Since it was a home state, my mother was wearing something like a skirt and a blouse, her skirt was opened from the bottom because she did not pay attention while sitting and it was visible up to the panties inside. She was wearing a red pantyhose and was waiting in front of me openly like a pumpkin, as she couldn’t quite stand on it and was slipping left and right.

When I suddenly came to my senses, my mother said to me for the third or fourth time, “Well, tell me, son, what are you doing, how are the classes or something?” I noticed you asked. Even though it was a bit of a belated answer, I said, “Good mom, we’re getting it right”. Then my mom said, “Well, do you have a girlfriend or something?” she asked. Since I was looking at her panties and cunt without taking my eyes off my mother, I could always answer these questions with a delay. I answered the second question after watching her pussy for a while and said “yes mom, I have a girlfriend”. After this question, my mother noticed that her skirt had opened and I was looking at what could be seen from under her skirt. Since my mother is a housewife with a headscarf, I think that she did not have the opportunity to cheat on my father.

At first, I thought to myself, “I wonder what my mother’s purpose is”, but at first I could not understand much. If my mother allowed it, then I continued to stare at my mother’s upskirt image without blinking. For a few minutes, while my mother was watching TV, I watched my mother without blinking. Then, finally, my mother got up from her seat and said “I’m coming son, you sit down” and went to the bedroom. It was as if the night before he arrived was a harbinger of what was going to happen. She was wearing a pink mini nightgown, I didn’t know at that moment if there were panties in it, but I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra since the nightgown was one-piece and her chest was pretty open. He sat down opposite me, just like before, and continued to watch TV again in that sexy nightgown and hijab.

I saw that she wasn’t wearing underwear when she first posted these images, and that’s when my dick started itching to go outside and be petted. I immediately camouflaged my dick and started stroking it over my pants. After stroking for a few minutes, I realized that the front of my pants were wet and I continued to caress without paying any attention. For a while, I was looking at my mother’s pussy so much that I passed out and I couldn’t see that my mother was watching me. She came up to me as she got up from her seat and put her hand on my dick without saying anything. Stroking a little over his pants, “Should we have mother-son sex while your father is not ready?” she asked. My mother’s sudden introduction to the subject pissed me off even more, so I pulled my hands from the front of my pants and said, “Okay mom, take off my pants then, come on” and let my mother take off my pants,

He wouldn’t take off the turban on his head for a second and he kept licking my dick like crazy, grabbing my balls. I put my hands on his head for a moment and, holding his head steady, began to quickly thrust my cock in and out of his mouth. Just now, my mother was very cautious while giving me a blowjob and wouldn’t stick it up to her throat, but when I started going in and out, I was pushing her up to her throat, so she felt nauseous from time to time, but the tears flowing from her eyes were worth seeing. It was as if tears were flowing from his eyes as if he was crying, while he was trying to suck my dick in his mouth and I was very aroused. In a short time, we started to make our way to the bedroom for mother and son fuck, but as we were walking, my mother was pulling my dick while I was trying to grab her ass from under her nightgown. We didn’t have to worry about that because my father would come late, so I was not in a hurry to have sex with my mother in the bedroom, I was enjoying every second. watch porn

When we entered the bedroom, he said that he had eaten my father’s cock for years, but now it was my turn to eat my cock, and he got down on his knees right by the door and said, “Give me your dick again,” and started to wait. Just like before, I grabbed her turban, slowly put my cock in her mouth, and waited for a while, just to see what she would do. When I left it on his tongue, he closed his mouth and started to suck my cock like a pacifier, while one hand was on the bottom of my cock and the other was reaching between my legs towards my ass. At first, my mother was pulling me towards her by taking support from my ass, trying to get my cock up her throat as it was before. We just stayed in this position for a few minutes and I gave my mom a blowjob, but then I realized that my mom’s index finger was touching my asshole.

My mother was passionately giving me oral sex while fingering my ass. That night, before my father came, my mother in a turban gave me a blowjob by fingering my ass, but we were dreaming of more with my mother, but time was not enough. Normally, my father wouldn’t come home much at that time, but for some reason, he was coming early that day. My mom had me ejaculate once without taking her finger out of my ass. She told me not to take my cock out of her mouth because she would swallow every drop of it before she ejaculated. I did as he said and got stuck in my mom’s mouth as she ejaculated. When I was completely ejaculated, first my mother took her finger out of my ass and then she started to swallow my sperm. We were about to go to bed to fuck with my mom when the doorbell rang and my mom and I started to get dressed in panic. I didn’t really need to get dressed, but panicked my panties,

My mother put on her daily clothes over her nightgown and went to open the door. She was my father, and she said that she had to go to bed early because she was tired that day. I could hear all the conversations between my mom and dad. My father went to the bathroom first, then went to the bedroom to sleep. My mother, on the other hand, sat there in front of the television for half an hour while my father was sleeping. Now, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I suddenly realized that my door had opened. This time, my mother was wearing nothing, she had all her clothes in her hands, and she entered my room naked. She threw her clothes aside first, locked my door, and asked, “Shall we pick up where we left off?” I nodded yes and invited my mom to my bed. While I was lying on the bottom, he got on top of me and started kissing my lips. At that time, I was stroking my mother’s huge ass with my hands. While he was kissing my lips, he pulled back a little and looked into my eyes and said “I want your finger in my ass”.

He wanted me to do to him what he had just done to me. Without protest, I started to stick a finger in my mother’s ass. I was stinging so much that while my mother was kissing my lips, I was fingering my mother’s ass fast. He was moaning away from my lips from time to time, whispering “ooooohhh, aaaahhh, sooooo nice”, then he stuck to my lips again and continued to suck. This lasted for minutes, and then my mother said “I want to drink it now” and took the form of sitting on me, took my finger that was stuck in her ass and took it out of her ass and said “Now put your cock in my ass hole” and took my cock between her hands and started sitting on it. My mother, who was naked while all this was going on, was still wearing her turban. I think she resorted to her hijab sex fantasy to piss me off even more and she didn’t want to take off her hijab for a second until the fuck was over. While he was jumping on me and fucking his ass, he was fingering his cunt and continuing to moan. Sex Stories

From time to time, when their moans started to get louder, I would say “mom slow, dad can hear”, but he didn’t care if my dad heard, he thought he was safe because my door was locked, and he kept jumping and groaning on me without paying any attention to my words. She kept jumping for several minutes, then she grabbed both of my hands on her waist and placed them on her breasts and asked me to take care of them, saying, “Capture my boobs”. They were so big that they couldn’t fit in my palms and when I didn’t hold them, they were swaying like crazy, up and down, left and right. When I grabbed my mother’s breasts, she was bouncing more comfortably now. She finally stopped bouncing and started going back and forth while she was all in my cock. At the same time, I thought that I might have an orgasm, which is what I thought it was.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said it was the first time I’ve seen a woman who had an orgasm by fucking her ass. Okay, I don’t have much fucking experience and I have had two or three relationships apart from the sex story I had with my mother with a headscarf, which I told you about, but I don’t know, I watched that much porn or sometimes porn stories.I read, but it was the first time I met a woman who had an orgasm with her ass fucked. Literally my cock was in his asshole and my mom’s cunt was as wet as can be. Because it was dark, I couldn’t see if something was flowing or not when I ejaculated from her cunt, but when we were done, I brought my hand to my dick when I was getting up and I noticed an extreme wetting on the front of my dick, that is at the bottom. That night, my mother took a shower, and when my mother came out, I took a shower. When we got up in the morning, my mother was still asleep, my father had prepared breakfast. At dinner, my father said, “What time did your mother go to bed yesterday, she still hasn’t gotten up?” she asked.

And I said, “I don’t know, Dad, he was still sitting when I went to bed”, but when I said these, I really remembered that my mother was sitting while I was lying down, that is, I remembered that she was sitting on me, jumping and squeezing her asshole. At breakfast, as my father sat across from me, I involuntarily began to harden. Then, towards the end of breakfast, my mother entered the kitchen with a smile on her face and said, “Good morning, my dears”. When our eyes met, she blew me a kiss and said, “How are you, Aslan, are you okay?” She asked. There was a guilt over me, so I asked my father in a somewhat shy voice, “I’m fine mom, how are you”, but my father was in my eyes, I wonder if he understood what happened. It was an unnecessary fear, because I can say that my father had no idea what was being said at that moment. He was not interested in us at all, on the one hand he was looking at something on his phone while having breakfast. That night, mother and son had a really high performance and I received the signal that the experiences would continue at that breakfast in the morning.

I have to leave for school on Wednesday, so this mother-son sex relationship, which started years later, will unfortunately last for a few days at most, but after this day, I don’t know if I can have sex with my mother again, but if I can find such an opportunity, whenever I am available, I will tell you the smallest details of what I have experienced. I will transfer with

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