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My wife was a complete disaster
readers, I wrote my memories with my secretary before, now
I will share my memories with my wife, I hope you read it with pleasure. I
was overwhelmed with work and my wife was overwhelmed with housework.
We talked in the evening, my love, I said, should we go on vacation alone with my love, my love immediately said it would be fine , because it is winter in the season the next day, I chose Antalya
to relax.
I made it.
We left the children with her grandmother and went to Antalya. We settled in our hotel, rested, and
went shopping in the evening. We bought sexsi
underwear, swimwear, clothes for my wife, returned to the hotel. We ate dinner,
went to our room, and tried everything we bought
I ‘m
38, my wife is 33 years old, 170 height 55 kilos brown hair, a woman that every man would want to fuck. We talked on the way here, we decided to realize our
fantasies, we would do any crazy thing if it was appropriate. While she was undressing, my dick reared and we started to kiss and make love while standing on the bed, licking her breasts, belly, sweet cunt. I went to bed we were 69 we were both licking each other and swimming in the sea of ​​pleasure I couldn’t stand it too much I did it and I started to slowly insert my cock in your pussy moaning under me my husband fuck your wife with pleasure ohhhhh my darling I emptied your cunt by saying your semen. We went to the bathroom and took a shower

I fucked her sweet ass in the shower by making love. I fucked my bitch wife screaming. My love ,
feed me to sex, fuck your wife, I want
to have your fill, my love
. she wore thin-heeled shoes, a short skirt and a blouse, so I got ready. We went down to the hotel’s disco. It was quite crowded. German and French tourists were in the majority. We drank our drinks and started to have fun. We danced for a while, holding on to each other, and my love was rabid with pleasure.

we sat around our table, very nice moving music was playing,
my wife couldn’t stay still, she wanted to dance, I said, I’m tired, you go on,
I said, got up, went out on the floor, danced alone, it was quite crowded, I was
sipping my drink and watching my sweet wife. Two men were both
dancing and cutting my wife, one at a time. He approached her and
whispered something in her ear.
They started to play with her head as if to say yes.
After a lot of dancing, she headed towards the table. The men she danced with
came, we said hello, they sat down. We met. One of them is German and the other is Turkish. He is
a German guest. Helmut Tutk is the owner of a tolga business
from Ankara. We offered a drink and the conversation deepened together. Tolga your wife is a sweet woman
He said, thank you, they were staying at the hotel. They came for a week . It’s
04 o’clock
at night
. Tolga compliments both of them, helmutta started to look like food. When mine sat on the edge of the bed, her skirt was above her knees , her inside seemed to make no sound, so I left everything.

We started to sip our drinks. Tolga was sitting next to mine, clinking glasses
. Helmutta went to them and
she started to compliment my sweet wife that you are very beautiful. Mine was moving more easily,
she was making jokes. At one point, mine wanted to get up to go to the washroom,
she staggered and fell into the lap of the
cap , they stayed like that for a while. His stripped
thong came out, he grabbed my wife’s ass and he lifted her hand still on her
ass took it to the sink she came to the room blushing and said sorry “I do
n’t mind you have a really sweet
We are both women, we love sex very much, we are open to all kinds of sex, I said, ”
Well, brother, we can have different pleasures with mine if you want, ” he said, “Why not,” he said , ”
Can I join the helmut? ” At that time, mine entered the room and I said, my love, I said, “Let’s stay here with tolga and helmut tonight, my love, if you want.” When he said okay, Tolga hugged enamel and said, “You’re such a sweet woman, we want to fuck you, what do you say?” Mine said, ” If we’re all going to have fun, why not,” Tolgacı said, “I’m going to be with three men for the first time in my life and with an uncircumcised man . Give me pleasure, I’ll be with you as long as you want.” Tolga started to kiss mine standing up, helmutta took courage and went behind him.

Tolga took off her skirt, g string, helmutta, her shirt and bra, and she was left
naked in the middle of the room between the two men.
they got undressed at once. Helmut’s tight was 20 cm, and tolagan’s was about 18 cm
. Minem was really going to have a sex feast tonight and we were realizing our
I got undressed and started to watch them
Tolga started from her lips to her feet helmutta
started licking her ass and calves from her neck mine was standing trembling and was
enjoying pleasure. Tolgacım helmut fuck me, put your cocks
in my ass tonight I want to be your whore, wife, whore
. He was moaning.
helmut hugged mine and took him to bed. Mine took both of their cocks
in her mouth and started to lick them. She was licking a helmut’s and
pouting. I was playing with my cock with pleasure. helmut
lay on the bed and took the enamel on him soggy he put the head of his pussy
and started to bite it slowly mine screamed
he took the helmut’s cock up to the root tolgada got behind him
licked his sweet ass hole he put it on his ass and started to stick it millimeter by
inch mine was screaming slowly he was moaning because my love
hurts when he put it all in he said ohhhhhhhhhhh and fuck me yell feed me your
cocks my husbands it comes for pleasure ohhh uhhhhh

it’s full, I’m enjoying it all over me, Tolgacım started to moan by saying sikkkkkkk helmutttt fast .
Helmut kisses and licks her breasts. Tolgada licks and kisses her back, they were making my enamel for pleasure.
Thank you husband, you gave your wife these pleasures
, she continued to moan, saying I love you, I adore you, she continued to enjoy her moaning.
I also ejaculated by looking at them and had a lot of pleasure. First the helmut
came out bellowing after her
. .tolga
took the enamel in his lap and took the enamel to the bathroom
helmutta followed them, the three of them took a shower, washed together
and returned to the room my and their cocks became like piles again my enamel
she was ready to fuck her cunt, her ass mouth. At this rate, it seemed as if there was no stopping until the morning
. A sweet woman is ready to be fucked and
a great atmosphere
with her
I took my love on me and fucked her helmutta got behind her
and licked her sweet hole in her ass and started to hold her thick 20-sized cock as
she inserted mine screaming as I put her in the room altan I
was inside of me

he started tolgada put his cock in his mouth this time all the holes of my woman
were filled . helmut
from the back was moaning as I snuggled in from the front my
love. He was tasting unlimited pleasures. After pumping for 10 minutes, the three of
us squirted in his mouth, we all went to the bathroom and cleaned. We lit cigarettes , drank 1 double whiskey and started making love again. It was 9 o’clock . Mineyi tolga 4 helmut 5 I fucked 3 times and the four of us fell asleep . When I woke up, it was 6 pm mine and helmut were popping

We stayed in Antalya for 1 week. For 1 week, the three of us did not leave,
we experienced the same pleasures.
helmut and tolga returned to ankara, we took
our calls to see each other again. we also returned to istanbul by living the best moments of our lives . We want to experience these beautiful moments again with the happiness of realizing our
fantasies with my sweet wife . Sharing my wife’s beautiful body is a good feeling room and I enjoyed it very much. days full of love and sex

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