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Hello, this event that I am experiencing is completely real, believe it or not.
I have a sister who is 3 years older than me, her name is Elif. You are a person who always takes care of himself and likes to dress openly. A very beautiful girl of 165 height and 50 kilos. I’ve seen a lot of people who look at him outside and get their dicks while they’re looking at him. My sister is single and works in an office. One evening, my sister said that I will come late this evening and she left the house in the morning. I left the house to go to my own business. In the evening, after work, we were having a couple of beers and chatting with my friends in a bar, when my friend next to me said (off off off, look at this one, guys), Erkan murat and I turned towards the person who came through the door in a rare moment. When I came back, I turned my back because it was my sister who came in. Erkan said (wow what is this) and turned to me (wow, you don’t like it, babe, why aren’t you looking at me) so I didn’t know how to act so that they wouldn’t understand that she is my older sister. Deep down, I started to like this event. Murat (I’ll set this chick, I’ll hit it tonight) said Ender (no, she won’t look at you anymore) said Murat (do you have a claim, I’ll set this chick now, I’ll bang it at your house in the evening). Everyone said ok, let’s see in the setting. Murat poured his drink and went to my sister, went to her table and they started talking. I could see these events from the mirror of the bar because if I turned around, my sister would see me. After about 20 minutes, Murat came to us and said (Look at your house in the evening, let’s see how I’m making this baby cry) and said (I’ll call you in 1 hour, go home, we’re coming with the chick). And they left us again and took my sister’s hand and left the bar. Ender said (if this fucks you, I’ll fuck you too). They laughed, saying Murat (I’m going to fuck this chick, I’ll put it in her ass). But there was no sound in me, they turned to me and they laughed again, “What’s wrong with you? In order not to miss this moment, I said (I’m coming, but I’m going to stay in the background, I’m a bit sick). After an hour or so, the phone rang and Murat called, enderi said we are coming home in 15 minutes, and we paid the bill and left. We came home and as soon as we got inside I ran to the bathroom because I didn’t want my sister to see me when she came. After 5 minutes, the doorbell rang, I opened the bathroom door and began to listen to the conversations. My sister (you didn’t say that there will be 3 people) said Murat (baby these are god guests, sure, we’ll have a lot of fun) and they started laughing, I think they went to the hall, I couldn’t hear the voices properly. Suddenly the music started playing, I came out of the toilet and approached the living room, I wanted to watch what happened next to the door. I felt like I was going to swallow my small tongue at the sight I saw. Enden Murat and Erkan were sitting on the same chair and my sister was dancing erotically across from them. Ender took out his dick and started stroking it with his hand. Then my sister got up and got down on her knees and started licking their dicks in turn. I can’t explain how he licked, even my dick was like iron. My sister’s gorgeous ass was right in front of me and my friends’ dicks were in her mouth. Then Murat got up and took my sister in his arms and they started kissing. Then the others got up and started slapping my sister’s ass. My sister started to moan and took her off her lap. My sister’s moans are getting louder Then the others got up and started slapping my sister’s ass. My sister started to moan and took her off her lap. My sister’s moans are getting louder Then the others got up and started slapping my sister’s ass. My sister started to moan and took her off her lap. My sister’s moans are getting louder
(ohhh great yes yes go fast my love I’m a tougher man ohhh) Murat made my sister’s hips reddish erkan went in front of my sister and said (open your mouth) erkan ender and murat sat side by side on the sofa and took my sister in her arms for the first time.
Later, Rare made my sister’s legs shoulder to shoulder, and my sister almost disappeared among 3 men. Then my sister sat on the floor and started giving blowjobs to all of them. It’s like I just ejaculated from pleasure. I got to wait. 2 hours later, my sister came and said I was in the kitchen (Are you not in bed yet) she said (no, I’m waiting for you) I said (why) she said (we need to talk) I said (I’m so tired all over me hurts I can’t take you now) she said (do you hurt from the dicks you ate) I said ( When I said what are you talking about, how are you talking to your sister, I said (I know everything, you came to that bar tonight with Murat, you came to Murat’s house, how 3 guys fucked you) and he covered my mouth with his hand (Shut up, shut up, my parents will hear, are you crazy, please don’t tell anyone) I said (Okay, I won’t say, but I want it too) my sister said (OK, god damn you, okay, but not tonight, I’ll tell you a time that suits you) and left me.

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