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Hello friends, let’s say the story or confession I will tell, the people and the things that are shared are real and belong to us. We live in Germany, I am Hakan 25 my wife ayla 24 my sister-in-law ayse27 my sister-in-law Metin 27. After we got married, we had a good sex life. My wife and sister-in-law are quite sexy. We would like to have sex, ayla. She passes out during sex. She is open to all kinds of sounds. Anal ejaculation in the mouth …..Like during sex, we used to dream of each other with other people. I mumbled the words, come on, you want to be clear, he started playing boring at that time I said yes I want to wipe you both at the same time I even said I want you to make toast with her husband He sucked my ear while whispering I want to stay between the two of you He said that fantasy We stuck to each other with the desire for sex We became 69 and then we made legs shoulder to shoulder I got doggy and entered from behind, we started on the day of our marriage, we both enjoy anal sex while I was doing it back and forth, the room was reading amenAt that time, I wish there was a wound on my stomach. It pissed me off even more. We both ejaculated and we took a shower while we were drinking our cigarettes, I said if she really wanted it, what did your sister say? I will convince my sister, she said, how will it be, I said, how will it be, we talked, we made a plan, we made a plan once again. One day later, I went to my brother-in-law, how are you. And we can go on vacation whenever we want, I said, actually, we need it, the room is fine without the bride, it’s in our room.She said she would disappear in a week. He said it would be great, he said there are sex clubs here, but they don’t buy wives, the problem is there, if we go alone, it will be heard, he said, I actually convinced the months, I said, how is the room, he said, so one day, I said to go to a sex club, I said stay between us, it’s our fantasy, there is no secret, don’t be afraid of me she said, don’t you have all the wish, my wife meets all kinds of needs about sex.Ours was a fantasy, we wanted to go for once. He looked at my face as if he understood that one day, the fantasy of the area was realized. My brother and sister were prepared to come to us.They prepared a mini dress and make-up superb table on them, my sister-in-law, sister-in-law, I’ll be late because I have work to do. I went after her, I said neoluyo, my sister convinced me, she wants a room, but she said she needs to get her brother-in-law ready for a tour, so she came to fuck you. she was kicked out with your legs right away, they wanted a triple group, they asked me for help, she said why didn’t you tell me, she said how so, she replied, maybe i haveI’d like to be in the middle of it, they said, they exchanged glances with my leg, we never talked about such a thing until now, that’s why, she replied, I entered the conversation like whatever, a silence fell, the ladies went to the kitchen, I said sorry, I didn’t know, I didn’t know, I didn’t know, I said no room, it’s nice, he said, look, I want to go back after two hours, they came in smiling They said what happened in that time, it will be a long time, we said we are laughing at him, and they laughed, they said, is it really true? Our spouses sat next to us kissing slowly, I started kissing with Ayla. we were watching silently with your brother.Ayla stripped her sister of the bra and the thong remained in one room, then the two of them went to my brother-in-law, the sister-in-law swung towards me and her husband’s distress Licking began she said, ayla and sister-in-law came to me I was already bored I was reading the sister-in-law oksadi and they both started licking it was super enjoyable she was licking her back with my legs she was licking amini It was throbbing boringly I placed amen slowly. Ohhh, it sounded like it was going down. I held it on my waist and started pumping it cool. I was looking at my sister and my sister.I’m jumping to the top I’m flying to Doha, I came out for pleasure, I was fucking harder, the sister-in-law was pleased with her condition, I sat on the couch, the sister-in-law sat on the couch and her jump started. At that time, my wife started to fuck my wife with her legs, who seemed doggy, and I was jumping on my lap with the sister-in-law of my dreams. drove, I looked a little bit, I drove around the field, two of them in dog position, I entered slowly from behind, the sister-in-law said, first oops, she screamed, pumping with her legs, she always said that the first time, she always said that, the sister-in-law was hitting her hips, when she heard this, the sister-in-law responded so that she could see it often. I was flying with pleasure. About our wives, our wives were getting more angry, now it’s time for toast, she said, “I want it first,” said Ayla, I lay down and ayla sat down tight.we made a giggel, he placed a room on my hips and legs so that he could easily get into your wife’s ass. sprtms were dripping ayla her sister went to the shower we lit a cigarette with my legs we listened and thanked me if you want supermis we’ll always be there he said of course then the suitcase then the moon came and abaldiz said I would like to have toast my sweetheart said first he went with my legs he took a shower then I went with ayla and my sister-in-law got fucked up and they broke up again my kinderleicht sister-in-law came and knelt in front of me she started sucking her boring stones she was making my stone superIt happened, I lay on the floor and took her legs on her shoulder, I pumped amen, I put it in the same position for about 2 minutes, I entered comfortably, this time it tightened a bit like that, she was squeezing my leg, she was fucking ayla with her legs, come on, now it’s trouble for me. you’re enveloping and outside, ohhhhh, don’t come out super, I took precautions for nothing, we pumped for 5 minutes. two weeks of superb holiday and we trust each other. It has been going on for 1 year. My advice to everyone is to selbst your spouses about sex and get pleasure.We’ll post pictures of our bitches from here, our yellow angels

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