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One day I was wandering in the streets of Alanya in a boring way. Suddenly,
a woman came up to me and started to tell me things that I did not understand, so I
told her that I was Turkish and that I could only speak Turkish. She asked
if she spoke Turkish, only German.

He had a few items in his hand and he
got off a taxi but got off at the wrong place

Anyway, I took some of the bags in his hand and started walking with him
And a different excitement started to
fill me. I pulled
back, thinking maybe there is nothing wrong with the lady next to me. Anyway, we walked a little more and we were walking and talking , he
asked me my age and I told him my age..

A little more Tanistik himself came from Germany to his leave and his wife hadn’t come yet, he came alone, his wife
will come after 1 week anyway, then we kept talking, he started
to compliment me all the time, thank you very much for your help, and he was saying that you are very handsome , your hair looks good on you, and something like that. I replied.

And I asked him if he looked like a very sweet person and
I asked him if he was like that in reality, the room said to me, you decide it, I was

So I said OK when we came to their house, they showed me their house,
they had a perfect house, then we went up to the 3rd floor with the elevator
and the elevator was very narrow, we were touching each other.. And he was looking into
my eyes, too.

And when we got to the 3rd floor, we opened the door and came down, then
we came to the front of their room, he bent down, he took the key out of his pocket and when he put it into the
hole of the door, I started to look at him like that. I
saw that he had an amazingly beautiful butt and he
had a perfect physique, the door opened and he came in, I
said I left what I had. room said no

Let me offer you something cold, please don’t
hurt me . I said cold anything …

The room went inside and brought whiskey with ice, which surprised me even more. Anyway,
we started chatting, there was no one at home. When I asked if you were staying alone, he explained
the situation to me. I came here a week ago, this is our

I said these words to her because of her maturity, I said
that you are very calm even though you know that your daughter may have died in the arms of a man now,
these are normal things

And the conversation started to get darker and he kept telling me that I was very handsome , and he
kept saying thank you very much, I said thank you very much, I said
that he was beautiful too, because he was really beautiful
, even if I had to, I wouldn’t say beautiful to someone who is not beautiful. I just say beautiful
this time we took the bottle and started drinking.

He told me that he was alone and that he was bored so I said to him
that he wanted to go somewhere with me tonight. I asked him where he wanted to go to
the sea with you in the evening and I said ok. Then
we continued the conversation, he kept talking about his wife’s work.

I told him that because of his wife’s work, these were normal and his wife was 10 years older than him and he started to look at me in different ways
, I think, with the effect of his drink, and he was giving flicks from time to time. there was I was walking around without an athlete anyway he said he wanted to take a shower it was very hot and sweaty he said he wanted to take a shower silently I went to the bathroom door he said relax and pretend to be at your own house he said there are movies here he said you can watch what you want he said ok he went to the bathroom I was putting a movie on the vcd then suddenly spy on him

he came silently to the bathroom door i leaned over the door hole and when i looked inside i
was shocked he was stroking himself and making different noises and he turned
the water on i guess i kept watching so that the sound wouldn’t go

he took the fountain in the bathroom in his hand and he was stroking it so I was thinking what to do I
wonder if I should come in and I was
stroking my hand as if it was on my dick I was tired of standing and looking at
a chair or something I turned my back to the door when I turned my face to the door and I looked so ugly and
naked in front of me
he asked me what i was doing i was very

I apologized and I thought she was mad at me. She
repeated the question and asked what I was doing so I started telling her now that she was
beautiful and I said she was so sexy
that everyone would want to have sex with her because she really was and she was looking at me and I continued
the conversation . He was listening and
I told him I was reluctantly X-raying him .

and I said that you really have a beautiful body, I suddenly think that
under the influence of his drink, I walked towards him, I
touched my hands to his face, he did not show any adverse reaction and
said these words to me…;

He said I haven’t had sex for a long time and I’m very restless. He said that his wife could not feed him at all and
that from the first moment he saw me, he liked me very much and
that he was ready for any relationship with me
, even that we could be in a constant relationship with him.
robbed me with only
a panty of slip left on me

He said should I take it out too, I grabbed it and took it out with my own hand and we dived into the tub with him
, we were stroking each other with warm water and we washed each other nicely and
our lips were locked, he was
holding my dick with his hand and stroking it with admiration and
said that I have a big dick for my age, even bigger than her husband’s.
Then we came out of the bathroom and went to the bedroom. They had a very big and beautiful
bed. I laid it on the bed and spread its legs to both sides

I started licking the lower part of her neck, her earlobes and her breasts,
I went down to her breasts, her breasts were really big and alive, I started to lick it and
suck it, it was making such beautiful sounds that these sounds brought me
pleasure and I went down to her belly and there to her vagina…

As soon as I went down to the vagina, I saw that it was very watery, the water was flowing , so much that he enjoyed it so much and I continued to lick
it even when he was in a watery state because he was a very clean and well -groomed person. He was tugging and shouting like he was tearing my hair with

and i started to insert my tongue slowly into it that my hand almost buried my head in her vagina she
had a really beautiful vagina

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