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I live in Balikesir. I like overweight women. I met a chubby woman on the internet. We started chatting with her for the first time. I got used to her in time and she opened the camera and she started saying that you don’t want me anymore. She thought like that because she was overweight. she told me so i went to her house i put my dick in between her big hips

As I said at the beginning, I told him that I like overweight women, but I don’t have such a friend even though I have other relationships, and that I want one. He stated that he should live and trust. He had reservations like me and I agreed with him. Our conversations started to be a little more sexual. We were talking about our wishes, our desires, our fantasies.

I would say that I like people with overweight flaws instead of fit-bodied beautiful women like many people, I know it wouldn’t be convincing, but I really felt that way. Instead of a thin waist, I used to dream of a soft big waist and belly. I was attracted by saggy big breasts instead of straight breasts. I did not look at smooth bodies. I wanted women with cellulite on their belly, hips and legs. The imperfections I was looking for were not perfect. I wanted experiences. I wanted fat women instead of the same women. I wanted to be with them, to make them feel how they were desired, to make them see themselves as the most beautiful woman in the world. I adored such a skin, such a body.

she was a person who didn’t like her body, who was smug, who didn’t like her body, a woman who wouldn’t hesitate to get into the sexy underwear worn by the thin women I was looking for.

Although she had a face and body that would not be considered beautiful for her, she was a complete deity to me. When we first turned on the camera, she was wearing a t-shirt, I couldn’t see the bottom, but I could see her huge breasts, which were very obvious even from the top of her t-shirt. when he raised his arms, he was almost as thick as my legs, what I wouldn’t give to be next to him and touch him. When we saw each other on camera, we furthered our friendship and became intimate.

We started to tell our fantasies over each other, after these conversations, I was getting so hard that my desires were at the highest level. The thing that pissed me off the most was that he got very wet. He complained that he was getting wet more than normal and said that he was uncomfortable, but I wanted to suck and lick that wetness for minutes without wasting every drop of it. After chatting on the internet for a while, he invited me to his house. The day we agreed, I took two bottles of red wine with me and took my way home. I felt like I was going to die from excitement, like a teenager who was going to meet his love in high school. I knocked on the door and my god opened the door and we entered. It was truly magnificent.

She was heavier than what I saw on camera. She was wearing a skirt and blouse on her knees. Her feet were bare. We went inside. We chatted for a while and warmed up to each other while sipping our wines. I sat next to her and started kissing her on the lips by turning her face to her face and looking into her eyes. I was about to go crazy anyway. I put the knees under her feet and started massaging her feet slowly.

I wanted to kiss every part of the body that I wanted for years, starting from the tips of the feet, licking every part of it, satiating for hours without haste. I took his feet in my hand and started massaging. He had thick ankles and I took his big toe in my mouth and started sucking. I was licking his whole foot.

I was sucking, I could feel that she was getting excited while I was sucking her feet, her skirt opened. I could see inside her legs but I couldn’t see her cunt. Her thick legs were stuck together, preventing me from seeing her cunt. we started dancing.I was 180 o 164 cm tall I hugged and started dancing my dick got so hard it was touching her fat belly and I was going crazy trying to grab her waist but my arms weren’t enough you were standing both kissing and dancing while my dick was pressing on her soft gorgeous belly There was a softness on her back and under your bra that I couldn’t stand to see it was in layers. The places that had come off the strap of her bra looked like they were coming out. I went crazy and we just kissed and danced and went towards the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and she was looking at me so I started to undress and I was left with only my boxer my dick looked like it was going to jump out of my boxer I told her to lie down.I laid him on the bed while he just stared at me I started to undress and I was left with only my boxer my dick was like going to jump out of my boxer I told him to lie face down.I laid him on the bed while he just stared at me I started to undress and I was left with only my boxer my dick was like going to jump out of my boxer I told him to lie face down.

and the slow walker started kissing starting from her feet. I was licking the back of her knees over her skirt and stroking her buttocks. I couldn’t wait to see her cellulite legs and hips.

from time to time I was licking and kissing her hips without turning her face I took off her clothes she was wearing only a bra and panties she was wearing a white suit her weight was quite big I took off my boxer I was naked I sat on her hips I was kissing her neck and licking her. It was awesome. It was time to turn your face. She turned her face and it made me even more crazy. She took off her bra and only stayed in her panties. Even though she was lying in her panties, her breasts were huge and I couldn’t stand it. I started kissing her big breasts I started licking her belly I was sticking my tongue in her soft belly button I was going down with one hand and caressing her cunt It was so meaty and he said he was very wet .

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I bent down, her belly was falling on her cunt a little bit hairy and it was huge I spread her legs and put my head between her legs she smelled amazing her lips were so meaty it filled my whole palm It was as if I was quenching my thirst with its awesome taste and smell. I stayed in this position for minutes. Hearing his moans and seeing him enjoying it was making me even more angry I wanted to be his slave, whatever he wanted, whatever he wanted, whatever he wanted, I wanted to make him live the most shameful, the dirtiest, wildest fantasies, he started to ejaculate in my mouth, I swallowed it all, I drank his cunt juice My thirst was not quenched, I wanted to touch my tongue to every part of his body, I wanted to lick it, then I lay down and wanted him to sit on my face like he was sitting on the toilet.I kept licking

my face was covered in pussy. then i got up and she went into a dog position on the bed i started stroking her back and hips i was stroking her cunt and her back hole with my hand i wanted her to go behind her and separate her cheeks with her hands she did it her back hole looked tiny on her big hips I was fucking her from the back hole for minutes while she was licking her back hole, she was fingering her cunt, she was stroking her clit and this way it ejaculated and I licked it again, I drank the water of the cunt, her screams were very pleasant and now she was begging me to get into it instagram: Onurblksr_1010 skype: [email protected]

I wanted to give him more pleasure, to do whatever he wanted to experience, my own pleasures were much less important than his enjoyment, as he moaned as he enjoyed, I was enjoying myself as well, he lay on his face and stroked my dick with his hand and brought it closer to his meaty cunt I started to get inside your cunt it was burning like a fire he was gripping my dick completely as it came and went looking at her face, moaning and shouting, I was getting more excited. I was going to ejaculate in 10 minutes, I burst into her warm pussy, I had a lot of pleasure by shaking and shouting.

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