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I am a 30 year old male sitting on the train line. Since it snowed a lot this winter
, I decided to come to Kadıköy by train without a car.

In the evening, while returning home by train, I
saw a green-eyed woman sitting in her coat constantly looking at me and I was a little shy, I took my eyes
off her, but I kept looking at her from time to time, but she was
staring nonstop.

The place in front of him was empty and I sat down and there were 2 stops to get off. I had
to be quick when I was saying where are you getting off and I said I said let’s meet
tomorrow, I said okay and I called him and we talked to him and he came to my office in Kadıköy and as soon as
he came I kissed him and he immediately put his hand on my pants
and took my dick out and sucking started.

I don’t know if you would believe it was the first time I gave a blowjob and it was great the room was undressed
but we didn’t have a bed we were using the tables chairs I laid him on the floor
first and took my dick out of his mouth and placed it in
his cunt he was moaning deeper and deeper I was warning him to be quiet and he was making great
sex. His wife was neglecting him a lot, he watered a lot and he was
making slapstick sounds as I sting it, I was crazy and I was
thinking of other things to not ejaculate.

she ejaculated screaming and took mine in her mouth again and started sucking she
wanted mine in her mouth and I ejaculated in her mouth it was a beautiful winter
day and she comes by opening a wire once in a while

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