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We went on a picnic with my group of boyfriends, lit a barbecue and started drinking our drinks. There was a nice atmosphere. Right next to our table, two girls came and they were barbecued and drinking just like us. Frankly, they were very beautiful girls, we were four boys and they were two girls, and they caught our attention. But no one said a word so as not to disturb the atmosphere. Just a friend, look at the two girls. One of my friends brought a ball and they started playing, so I got up for a while, went to them and hit a ball or two, and the ball went to the girls.

I went right away, the girl was holding the ball and smiling, so I went and got it and thanked her. If you want, I said let’s play together, they said they’re happy and they came to us. All of my friends were very happy while hanging out, two girls came to us and the atmosphere changed, we started playing volleyball with them. One of the girls was seriously beautiful, she had a great body, especially her long black hair, which impressed me a lot, and her plump breasts caught the attention of all the men in the group. The girl was also interested in me, throwing the ball at me, making jokes and smiling at me. Okay, I could have arranged for this girl now, I offered them to come over after the game and we’d like to hang out together. They came with their drinks and supplies right away and we started chatting.

All my friends kept saying how lucky I was, I found the most beautiful girl and she was very inclined towards me. Anyway, the next day I wrote to the girl again and asked if we should go to the picnic, the girl already agreed and we met again at the same table, this time alone. While we drank our drinks and ate our food, we were already sitting on the air with the girl and suddenly our lips met. It was late and there was no one else in the picnic area but us. I saw that we are moving forward with the girl and our kissing does not end, her hand started to caress my penis and I was stroking her breasts, but the work was going forward because I was very horny and I had to fuck this girl right here. I said come on, let’s go to the car, he said, let’s make love in the open air, I said how can anyone see it, never mind, he said, what do we have to lose?

At the same time, I was touching her vagina with my fingers and pressing it. I immediately placed the girl on the bench and climbed on it. I pulled out my penis and lowered her panties with her tights. We definitely shouldn’t have been naked, if anyone came or a car approached, we would immediately pull over and be ready. Now we were ready, I was already crazy with rage. The girl was on fire, too, and she was pretty wet. First, I rubbed my penis into her vagina, I wet it with pleasure water and slowly started to enter it. The girl was only 22 years old and she had a very narrow vagina, it was obvious that I was her second boyfriend. I passed out when he started to crawl inside the tight vagina and slowly fuck me. While I never thought of doing such a thing in this open air, now I was screwing her young womanhood.

I went into it completely, lay down on it and started to go and come, unfortunately, the position we will do here was very limited, I fucked her for a few minutes in this way, but the girl was moaning very well. I was enjoying it too, but I had so many question marks in my mind that I couldn’t be fully motivated and at the same time I was constantly looking around, I didn’t want to be caught by anyone. The girl was much more comfortable than me. I couldn’t stand this narrow hole any longer, and I immediately came out of it and ejaculated somewhere on his stomach and continued to lie on it, but it was too much inside me, and it never happened the way I wanted. I said let’s go and continue the night there, but when the girl said I have to go home, unfortunately I left her home.

We agreed again for the next day, this time we were going to meet at my house in the evening. Now I was going to fuck it up today, enjoying it to the fullest, I made up my mind. It was evening and the girl knocked on the door and I was excited as soon as I saw that she was already a very beautiful girl. I offered him something and I sat next to him and we started kissing. I laid her on the couch and started kissing her big tits, and then I was completely naked in front of her and I put my penis between her breasts and made her give a blowjob. It was obvious that he was not very experienced, but his features and body were so beautiful that he already gave me maximum pleasure. I immediately took off her panties and started licking her femininity, it smelled like sweet. She was really wet and ready for me to fuck her.

As he lay in that chair, I spread his legs in the air and slowly began to sink into him. At first I inserted half of it, came and went, when I got used to it, I rooted them all and started to fuck him both hot and hard. I was going to take the pain out of yesterday and the girl was moaning under me. I immediately came out of it and bent down and started to lick her femininity because I didn’t want these beautiful moments to end, I needed to bring the girl to orgasm, while I was pressing and massaging her g spot. The girl’s moans grew louder as she licked her femininity, and it was immediately released. Now it was my turn again, I parted her legs to the sides and went inside her tight vagina. I moved slowly at first, then quickly, banging him and groaning, our cries of delight now mingled.
I felt an incredible attraction to her and I wanted to fuck her until morning.

Right there on the sofa I brought him to his knees and he got support from the sofa, so I got behind him and went all the way inside in one go. The girl screamed and I was holding her hips, banging her butt and enjoying this pleasant moment to the fullest. After a few more minutes like this, I came out of nowhere and ejaculated on her hip, it was an amazing ejaculation. I said stay with me tonight, but he said I couldn’t stay again, he had to go home because he lives with his family, but I was never satisfied with him, so I said let’s send another mail. I started kissing again and I got on top of it and we started making love on the floor, our whole body was united and it was as if we were one body.

Incest stories I couldn’t get enough of this girl, I even told her that I wanted to go on vacation with her, she needed to find a lie to her family and I would arrange it. We’ve been dating this girl for a full year and had a great sex with her. We had a great harmony, especially about sexuality, but later on we couldn’t get along because she started to restrict me and she was jealous. I can never come to these things and I broke up with him, but no other woman I enjoyed sexually like her has ever come into my life again

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