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I’m 20 years old and just started hanging out.
One day I saw a link under the title of Married couple, of course I was curious. I read a
few stories. I can’t say that it sounded very realistic to me
I decided.

I started chatting on a chat channel and wrote
an article saying “groups are made with married couples”. Anyway, I can’t say that I got many answers. But I
was finally reaping the fruits of my determination. A couple said they could take
care of me. I was very excited.
We sent messages to introduce ourselves to our e-mails for a few weeks. Then He said it
‘s time now . So I was ok.

We chose a cafe where only families could enter to meet. It was a Saturday
, it was a bit crowded, I found a table and sat down
saying that my family would be coming soon. About 5-10 minutes later, the married couple
came. I was very excited, maybe they were excited too, but they didn’t
show much.
we talked.

Oh, by the way, let me introduce the famous couple. Hasan (alias) was
a 28-year-old man who was 1.80 meters tall and weighed 70 kilograms, which I would not call handsome.
Sinem (this is also a nickname) was not just a very beautiful lady with auburn hair and long hair. But
she was extremely attractive.

Now the conversation part is over and the action part has started. We set out for their house.
When we got home, Hasan offered me something to drink,
he said he was going to the bathroom in my cinema and left us.
Hasan asked me if I was excited, I said I am excited. Don’t worry, my cinema
will not leave you excited or anything.

Anyway, about 5 minutes passed, sinem came to us again wearing a denim skirt
and a 0-sleeve bodysuit. She sat next to me and my heart
felt like it was going to explode – although I had a sex experience, this experience made me very

Hasan was watching us. Now I gathered myself and clung
to the lips of my sinem, and he was not too late to respond. I was
stroking and squeezing her breasts with my hand. I slowly took off her upper body, there was no bra, her
plump, large breasts were now unhindered in front of my eyes.

Now it’s my turn…

I wasn’t squeezing her breasts anymore, I was biting her . I took
off her skirt in a snap. She was wearing almost yellow underwear. Meanwhile, I looked at Hassan from the corner of my eye
. Hasan was looking at us and he was 31 and told me to come with an eye sign . I wondered what had happened or if I
had done something wrong.
; but I couldn’t stop myself from going to her.

When I went to him, he said to me: “Now it’s my turn
“. I didn’t understand what he wanted to say
. it was pleasure.

Hassan instructed me to do it straight. I immediately followed the instruction and curled up in front of Hassan. He lay down in front of me on my chest. Hasan put
his big dick in my ass
and rooted it with a sudden movement. Now Hasa’s dick was completely in my ass

At the same time, I started to lick Sinem’s cunt, which was like water. In my movie, we were making Hasan angry
with his moans of pleasure. Hasan suddenly
came out of my mind and told us to kiss. Of course, while we were fulfilling his request with pleasure , he emptied his
warm semen on the junction of our lips.
Now with Sinem and the wetness of our lips. We were
kissing with the wetness of semen .

That’s it from me…

After Hasan ejaculated, he said that much from me and went to the next room. My
sinem was only mine now. I continued to kiss with my sinem and slowly
licked and bit down
cunt. I was not discharged.

I put my dick in Sinem’s mouth and she would ejaculate me there. She succeeded. She swallowed
any of my semen without wasting.
I left the room and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself for a bit
in the mirror, what I had done today.
there was.
I immediately went inside and gave my dick to Sinine’s mouth to make my dick go up . After showing some expertise, mine regained its
strength again . I immediately got my cine full. I placed my dick in the already thick pussy . It was so sweet that it made me speed up automatically. My come and go was like a machine anymore. I didn’t want to cum. in this sea of ​​pleasure but he was disobedient and I ejaculated in him.

Everything was so enjoyable, but there was something else, I could not meet with them
and I could not find reliable couples. Yes, my friends, my story
consisted of these.

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