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Hello, I am Özgür , I continue to tell you all my real memories of my life… well, we are from Istanbul after all…

That was 2 years ago. I was at university at the time.
We bought a house with 3 friends . My life was in a monotonous way in school and cafes
until that day. My friends had decided to spend the weekend
out with your girlfriends, so I was going to stay at home like crazy. That’s
why I decided to go to the cinema on Saturday night. A new horror movie
came and there was a lot of line. I got bored in line. It took 10 minutes and
there were 20 people to come to me. While I was browsing around, I suddenly saw my classmate
. When I said hello, she came to me right away. After greeting
him, he asked me if I could buy a ticket. I said sure. Mine
was a blonde girl with a decent physique, about 170 meters. She wore a mini skirt that day.
she had also messed up her hair. It was as if the beauty of the world was standing in front of me. I
even started to dream, thinking that I would sit with her
. We went into the living room and waited for the movie to start
. That’s when we started chatting. The things we talked about were school lessons etc.
They were the subjects. As the movie was about to start, we went inside and
took our seats. Our rows were in the middle at the back. The seats to the side were still empty
. The lights were off and the movie started. At the very first horror scene, mine
held my hand. Apparently he was afraid, I realized that my job would be easier. I
immediately shook his hands and did not let go again.
Mine was getting closer to me every time she got scared . Then I put my hands on her neck and
We just started watching. I was touching her breasts with my hands from time to time. I started
to move more clearly when she didn’t give any adverse reaction
. Then I put my other hand on her legs. The room held my hand
tightly but I was already starting to caress her legs . I was
moving upwards. All of a sudden, he put his hand on mine and started to caress it
over his pants. I had reached his vagina. I was massaging him with my fingers
. He opened my zipper and he took it out. I could hardly
hold myself anymore. He bent down and started to take it into his mouth
. When we said ok, we packed up and went to our house. As soon as we entered the house
, our lips met immediately.
On the other hand, we started to take off our clothes. We were left with our underwear
. When I took off Enamel’s bra, those gorgeous breasts blew my mind
. I immediately started licking them. Mine even started to moan a little,
she even put her hand on mine and took it out. He was stroking her gently.
We immediately went to the bedroom and I
was sucking slowly from her lips to the bottom. When it came to the honey box, my tongue
thrusts were enough to drive her crazy. Then she laid me down and started to take it into her mouth,
sucking so harmoniously, I was enjoying it tremendously. One look at it, you look it’s up to the root, you see it was
sucking the ends or the balls. He was doing great.
When I started whitewashing, she stopped me and told me she was a virgin. Moment
He turned his back with a movement. He stated that I could do it from behind. I immediately
took the cream and creamed the back a lot and started to endure. Just as I inserted the tip , he suddenly started and told
me to be slow. He was still in pain as I entered. Then suddenly the pain turned into screams of pleasure and I started pumping
fast . We were both in a bad situation. I wanted this moment to never end and I wanted to hold back. I was working . Just when I was about to ejaculate, she asked me to ejaculate on her breasts, I took it out immediately and started to ejaculate on her breasts. My semen was flying all over her, to her breasts, to her face. Then he took mine in his mouth and began to clean it. We took a beautiful shower together. He told me he had to go and left his number. We talked often

then with mine. Oh, before I forget, mine is not a virgin anymore, I
‘ll tell you about it another time .

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