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Hi, I’m Ozlem. I am 19 years old now and I always like mature men. My height is 1.60 cm, my weight is 44, I am brunette, my hair is black and short, and my eye color is brown. At that time, I was still in high school and I was 16 years old. I didn’t know anything about sex until that day. But some of my girlfriends from school told me they had ass fuck and they really enjoyed it. Like every year, we go to the village for summer vacation. Our village is very beautiful, among the mountains, in the woods, where there are not many people. Not many people know because it is far from the main road. We spend our summer vacation in the village with my parents and younger brother. My father stays for about 20 days and returns to Ankara, then he comes and goes once a week. Our house is a little outside of the village. We have one neighbor, and that is our village’s shepherd, Uncle Erol. Uncle Erol is 32 years old and has never been married before. he is a very good man. We are also very good as a family. Every year, I go to the mountains to graze the sheep with Uncle Erol. Spending time with the sheep from morning to night is a lot of fun. This year, I went to Uncle Erol’s barn and started playing with the sheep. After a while, Uncle Erol came and said, “Ooo, welcome Özlem, how are you, are you okay girl?” He hugged me and kissed my cheek. “Welcome, Uncle Erol, I’m fine, how are you?” I said. “I’m very good too, you’ve grown up since I’ve seen it, you’ve grown, you’ve grown, you’ve become a big young girl! Well, I realize I’m getting older as you get older!” said. “No, you haven’t changed at all!” I said. He thanked her and asked where my father was. “At home.” I said. “Let’s go to your father.” said. I said okay, we went. Uncle Erol, after having a little chat with my father, said, “We stole too much, now let’s go to earn a living, it’s a shame the animals were open, let me!” he stood up. He said to me, “Come on, little shepherd, get up, you missed walking the sheep!” said. (Uncle Erol always calls me the little shepherd). “Okay, Uncle Erol, I’m going to change and come!” I said and went to my room, dressed in my blue jeans and white shirt and came. Together with Uncle Erol, we went to graze the sheep. After walking around the sheep for a while, we came to a fountain. The sheep were being watered. I sat next to Uncle Erol. Uncle Erol was always looking at me and smiling. “Uncle Erol, can I ask you something?” I said. “Of course, ask whatever you want, little shepherd!” said. “Why haven’t you married until now?” I said. “You opened up my wound… I loved a girl at the time, I asked for it, they didn’t give it to me, so I settled here.” said. “What if you married another girl?” I said. “Do you know what love is?” said. “Oh, I don’t know.” I said. “Love so I can see you!” said. After chatting for a while, “Girl, how old were you?” said. “I am 16 years old!” I said. “Well, you have started to burn the livers of the men around you, you will fall in love with someone soon!” she said. “No, Uncle Erol…” I said. “What, no one asked you to be a friend?” she said. I said, “I have no soul, but their minds are elsewhere…” “I do not understand?” she said. “Oh, everyone’s mind!” I said. “Haaaa, I got it! Anyway, never mind, I think it should be done with the right person, in the right place and at the right time!” she said. This time I was like, “I don’t get it?” I said. “The right person: if you’re going to have sex with someone before marriage, it’s someone reliable who won’t tell anyone but will keep what’s going on between you a secret. The right place: where no one knows or disturbs you. The right time is enough time to live that moment to the fullest!” said. I did not raise my voice. After lingering for a while, it was evening and I came home. I lay in my bed at night, and I remembered what Uncle Erol said, (Sex should be done with the right person, in the right place and at the right time). He was right. I was going to end up in a relationship with someone eventually. Why shouldn’t that person be Uncle Erol? I think he should have been the right person. I made my decision, I was going to fuck my ass with Uncle Erol. But how could it be, I couldn’t go to him and ask, “Will you have sex with me?” I had to provoke him without my family noticing. The day my father went to Ankara again, I got up early in the morning, took my bath, put on my black panties and black bra, put on my low waist blue jeans and a gray t-shirt, went to Uncle Erol’s house… Uncle Erol was sitting under the tree in front of the house, saying, “Come, little shepherd, sit down, what are you doing?” said. “I’m walking around, I’m bored. When are you going to graze the sheep?” I said. “I will leave soon.” said. “I will come too. Well… is there anywhere I can swim around here?” I said. “Of course there is!” said. “Shall we go there?” I said. Said OK. Anyway, after a while we took the sheep out of the barn and came to the edge of a stream for a walk. It was a beautiful place. “No one will see me here, right?” I said. “No one comes here, you can face it comfortably, I’ll be looking at you!” said. A little above the stream was a cabin-like place, “Whose is that?” I said. “That’s where I stay sometimes.” said. “Okay then, I’m going to get in some water and cool off.” I said. Uncle Erol turned around and started walking away. I took off my shirt and pants and went into the water with my bra and panties. The water was really great, it was waist level. After a while I heard a crunch while I was in the water. I looked at the bushes where the sound came from, I couldn’t see clearly, but I was sure that Uncle Erol was spying on me. I was playing with water without losing my temper. I was taking various shapes in the water, bending, twisting and getting up. My goal was to drive him crazy. After a while I got out of the water and put on my clothes without drying them (no towels). My shirt and trousers were soaked front and back. Uncle Erol had come to the edge of the stream whistling. Seeing me like that, he said, “You’re going to be sick then…” and took my hand and took me to his hut. Even if the furniture in his cabin was a little simple, everything was there. He gave me a towel. I went to the other room and took off my shirt and pants and dried my body thoroughly with a towel. Then I gathered all my courage and went to Uncle Erol in my underwear, “I hung my clothes, they will dry soon. ” I said and sat next to Uncle Erol… Uncle Erol didn’t make a sound, only his eyes were wandering around my wet bra and panties. I saw that Uncle Erol’s face started to swell. I asked Uncle Erol, “This is the right place, the right time is now, would you be the right person?” I said. Uncle Erol took my hand without speaking and lifted me up and said, “Turn around!” said. I did what you said. He unclasped my bra and slowly took it off. Then, with both hands, he grabbed the sides of my panties and slowly lowered them and took them out. I was naked in front of him, my back was turned. He stood up, wrapped his arms around my waist, kissed my neck, kissed my back, then kissed my waist. It was slowly descending and I was shaking with excitement. He knelt down, kissing and stroking the cheeks of my ass. He kissed my legs, then turned me around and made me sit on the sofa bed… He got between my legs and started stroking and kissing my breasts. He slowly came down and kissed my belly. He parted my legs with his hands, my cunt was in front of him with all his nakedness. Finally he started kissing my cunt. She was so beautiful that words are not enough to describe that delight. He kissed and licked my cunt for about 10-15 minutes. And it was the first time I had an orgasm by a man. After licking even the water from my pussy, he stood up and slowly undressed. Only her panties remained. He made me kneel in front of him and said, “Can you take off my panties?” said. I grabbed the sides of his panties with my hands, and as I was pulling them down, his dick suddenly jumped out of his panties. His dick was huge, I was a little scared, but I wasn’t going to give up. “Kiss it, lick it!” said. I grabbed his dick with both hands and started licking it just like he said. A few minutes later, “Take it in your mouth!” said. I was trying to get it in my mouth, but it was huge, only the tip was going in… He was holding my hair with his hands, pressing my head to his dick, pulling it back. Now I was doing nothing, he was pushing my head back and forth with his hands. My head was spinning with excitement and pleasure. Uncle Erol, on the other hand, had accelerated. He let go of my head and pulled his dick out of my mouth and started masturbating. I was on my knees, staring at his dick. He was masturbating so fast that he went to my joke. He suddenly grabbed my head with one hand and continued to masturbate with the other hand, and then he poured his sperm on my face… My mouth turned into sperm, his sperm was flowing from my chin to my breasts. Even though it was empty, his dick looked like a stick. He would lift me up, grab my shoulders, turn me around, and say, “Don’t bend!” said. I’m bent. He put my knees on the sofa bed and held it with my hands over the sofa bed. Pressing my waist, “Make your waist like a bow, try to get your butt to touch your waist!” said. I did what you said. Sperm still dripping from my face, I thoroughly wiped my face on the cover of the sofa bed. “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” said. “Yes, I am a virgin!” I said. “Do not be afraid, I will not harm your virginity!” said. At that moment, I wasn’t going to resist fuck my pussy either, I totally surrendered to him. He spat copiously in my ass hole and stuck his index finger in my ass. After a while, he was now sticking his thumb in and out. When my ass got used to it, he stuck two fingers in it. I was slowly starting to enjoy it too… Then he stopped fingering my ass, grabbed my waist with both hands and put his cock on my ass. He was trying to push it slowly into my asshole, but it wouldn’t. He started sticking his fingers in my ass again, this time with three fingers. After fingering for about 10 minutes, he grabbed my waist again and placed his dick in my asshole. It was slowing down. The tip went in and it hurt a little bit, but I didn’t make a sound. He stings slowly, when I say it hurts, he pulls out a little, then he stings again. After about 5 minutes, I felt his crotch on my butt, he was in my ass all the way. After waiting a minute or two, he would slowly pull it out, then insert it again. I was starting to enjoy it now. Their comings and goings were quick. Then he grabbed my waist tightly and pulled me closer to him and waited that way. “Oooohhhhh!” I felt a warmth inside me, it was empty. After waiting like that for a while, he took his dick out of my ass and lifted me up and kissed me on the lips. Then she sat on the sofa bed, spread her legs, her cock tiny. He sat me on his lap and we continued kissing. He licked my neck and kissed my throat, then took my breasts one by one and sucked. Before long, I could feel his dick starting to grow again under me. “Look, he’s not full yet, kiss him a little more and he’ll get hard!” said. I got off his lap, knelt down in front of him and started kissing his cock. The kiss was growing. After a few minutes it was huge. “Stand up!” he said, i got up. He closed his legs, stretched out, “Turn around, sit on top!” said. While I was sitting, he parted the cheeks of my ass with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other hand and placed it in the hole of my ass, I sat slowly until I took them all. He was at the bottom, I was up and down at the top, the huge dick was going in and out of my ass. After going back and forth like that for 10-15 minutes, it emptied into me once again… I got up and I was going to get dressed, “No, not yet!” said. He sat me down naked, took something to eat from the fridge, and we ate together. Then he took my hand and we went outside. We were naked. For some reason I hesitated, “What if anyone sees it?” I said. “Do not be afraid, no one will come, this is where the dog dies!” said. We went down to the creek and entered the water, and he fucked my ass there. We came out of the water and sat under the shade of a tree and rested. I emptied it with my mouth one last time before I went home. Uncle Erol had ejaculated 6 times in 4 hours. Of course, there was no cure for me, I felt like I was going to die of exhaustion when I got home in the evening. We did this often during the summer vacation, but not as much as on the first day. On other days we did it 2, sometimes 3 times. My friends were right, it’s so much fun getting fucked in the ass! Uncle Erol had ejaculated 6 times in 4 hours. Of course, there was no cure for me, I felt like I was going to die of exhaustion when I got home in the evening. We did this often during the summer vacation, but not as much as on the first day. On other days we did it 2, sometimes 3 times. My friends were right, it’s so much fun getting fucked in the ass! Uncle Erol had ejaculated 6 times in 4 hours. Of course, there was no cure for me, I felt like I was going to die of exhaustion when I got home in the evening. We did this often during the summer vacation, but not as much as on the first day. On other days we did it 2, sometimes 3 times. My friends were right, it’s so much fun getting fucked in the ass!

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