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Around me, my wife was always covered and veiled. On the other hand, when I was single, I always looked at
other people’s décolleté and open wives and dreamed
of their daughters . or if he ate it, if he didn’t eat what he ate, I was just enjoying it . Once my wife asked me if she wanted to see me outside with a mini, I swallowed it, it wasn’t possible she wouldn’t wear it herself, so I said easily. What would you do when others saw my legs ? I said I like it very much. Then I

He said take it to the bazaar and buy sexy things. I said right away if you ‘re going to wear it. He said
I’ll open as much as you want after you show
me. While the taxi was slow at the rush hour, my wife pointed to me and showed me down. We were sitting in the back seat. My wife had spread out so that her beautiful legs were almost spread out to her panties. It was the first time I saw my wife outside. The car was congested in traffic . He gestured me to look in his mirror . When I looked, the driver’s eye was there. Özgeye Turkish delight with my hand.

I pointed. My dick was upright. I pointed to Özge that
she was even more hungry without the driver noticing. She pretended to change her seat and made her skirt
come off completely, and then she parted her knees. When I looked from the side, I realized that she was
wearing the light blue tulle panties she wore only against me at home
. The driver’s condition was miserable. .Özge
brought my hand over her crotch with her hand. It made her hand. While I was grabbing it, she threw herself back and groaned silently. If the driver weren’t crowded, she would have had an accident.
While my hand was kneading my wife’s pussy from tulle,
we got off when we came to the market. My wife said how
was it.
I said. When the room met the eye of the man, I was a little embarrassed, I had him cover it with your hand.
she said there. I don’t want you to be ashamed anymore, I said be a
girl with a bell that gives me pleasure. Now we found our pleasure. Every day, a driver
saw my wife’s panties. One day, when Özge did not wear panties, when the driver saw my wife
‘s pussy worthy of the most boring cock, the
possibility of an accident arose again. It was closed. Old clothes were at home. One day Özge
told me that when she got on the subway to go to the bazaar that evening, she told me that she was
touched. The dimension of our excitement changed. It’s quite normal to touch her , especially after work in the evening, get on the city bus
at the crowded hour, look, don’t they fuck you? I said.
he said fuck
When my husband said, do you have the courage to take me on the bus so rudely, I said,
do you have the courage, not mine, after all, they will fuck you up. Oda
ahh now I would like to be in front of such a talented person, then he said what would you do. I said what will I do as long as I am with you and I will like it while
watching He said, ” Would you
really like someone to fuck me ? ” I said, “If you bring me a pussy, I’d like it.” That evening, we took a city bus that went not in the main stop of Eminönü, but two stops later, going in the other direction, not in the direction of the house. He had not met him.

It was like we were. From the very crowded bus, Özge had
come all the way to the very
back by force
. In the end, she stayed in front of a young man who was obviously a high school student,
and I was just to his left. We didn’t speak
at all. The back of the person in front of Özge was turned to Özge. It was very tight on the other sides. Özge threw her waist back
a couple of
times. when she brought it right on her and
played it lightly, the man’s dick got up almost immediately. It was like his skirt would
burst. His face was red but he was squirming with excitement.
She was very pleased that a closed woman like Özge was creeping so much
. She threw her hand on Özge’s side to her hip. When my wife did not react, she pretended to caress again. When
Özge did not react, she stroked it again. When Özgede crawled more, she
grabbed my wife’s hips and kneaded them completely confidently.
The room did not stand idle in my wife.
holding it on her cunt, she brought it forward and pressed it there. I was young, but
while I was trying to press and palm, my wife made a look at me by poking me from the side, you were already
there, I wasn’t missing any moment. A young man was
stroking my wife’s cunt I was excited. I
pointed to my wife with a nod, continue, it’s perfect, and a kiss I sent it.. the room was both encouraged and
she was enjoying it. she was going to show her husband her ingenuity and give him pleasure. My wife put her
hand back and unzipped the young man’s pants
and pulled out his erect dick. He stroked and squeezed it. He pointed at me.
I started to pull the skirt up from the side. I
lifted the skirt up completely. The young man was looking at me in surprise. I made the continue sign and pass it with my
other hand. Özge had the young man’s dick
brought between his hips without letting go. I threw my hand in front of
him. this
time he grabbed my dick by putting his hand on my dick. I was next to him
I should have threw my hand back at him while he was stroking my dick I
grabbed the boy’s dick and brought it from the bottom up on my wife’s cunt upright and his
hot cock was splitting my wife’s wet cunt but he couldn’t get in I gave my
wife let’s go sign

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