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my wife esra is a sexy 30 year old woman she
has never been fucked by any man other than me.
but she has a friend who has fucked with many men even though she is married, one day she
a man and invites herself to his house , the man is
single, goes to his house and the man shows him his dick, he is 25 cm,
he fucks himself right away but he is a little fat and
he eats a lot of cocks He takes his dick easily
and says, sorta, don’t come anymore.
He tells my wife on the phone with the ball of the man’s dick, my wife
is surprised that she hasn’t seen me other than my 17th birthday, and she is surprised and Esra doesn’t
want me anymore, please go and convince her, my wife says it won’t happen first.
but once he’s stuck on the wise man’s dick he says okay the next day he takes a bath
and goes to the right man’s house but the very excited man
opens the door and says welcome my wife says I am necla’s friend
he sent me to convince you to be with him again he says you
were wondering about my cock actually he says My wife takes his cock out and shows it without
objecting. My wife is confused but suddenly she
takes the man’s dick in her mouth and sucks The man says stop but doesn’t stop and the man puts his semen
in my wife’s mouth and my wife drinks all of it then the man sits my wife on his lap
and tries to cuddle my cock but my wife’s pussy is too narrow the man
suddenly pulls his cock from my waist fuck it my wife is screaming but
vain man fucks my wife with his husband’s dick but only a couple of minutes later he
licks his semen my wife had a lot of fun that day she fucked the
guy many times and they continue to meet up i will fuck

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