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Hello, I have told you about my mother’s holiday adventure before. Now
, after returning to Istanbul, I will tell you what my mother went through.
My mother and I signed up for the gym in November . My mom said it would be quiet since morning.
It had been about 2 weeks. We got used to it.
My mother had a good relationship with the coach there.
We used to have breakfast there in the morning . One morning we went, no one was there. There was only
coach Mert. Mert was a handsome 22-year-old boy with a large build.
He was exactly my mom’s type. Anyway, we went and my mother was wearing a black tights
. The thong stuck to her tights ass was very obvious. And
he was strangely provoking people. He was wearing a pink body. Those bustling breasts were
We sat down and had breakfast. Then he said to my brave mother, “We’re going to move on to new moves
today.” He said for the foot muscles.
My mom lay face down on the tool . He was lifting the weights with his heels. her ass looked amazing.
Mert put his hand on my mother’s butt, pressed lightly, and
said, “There is no lifting the butt. ” My mother said, “Okay, dear.” Then my mom got up and said uff, I’m tired
Let Mert be “well, then today is a rest day”. My mother said to Mert, “Oh, my
hips are too big, aren’t they?” Mert put his hand on my mother’s hip and said,
“no, great, I wish my girlfriend had such hips
“. “I wish I was your girlfriend,” my mother said. And Merte
said, “Look at my butt with the naked eye if you want.” I went to your gym
I closed the door. Mert was sitting in the chair, my mother stood up and Mert took off
my mother’s tights.
That thong ass appeared. Marty started to caress. He was squeezing and kneading
my mother’s hips. Then she took off my mom’s body and untied her bra.
He stuck his head between my mom’s breasts and started kissing and licking.
Then Mert got up and laid my mother on the mat. Then he got on top of
her and they started kissing. They were kissing like crazy. Mert took his dick
out and put it in my mother’s mouth and my mother started saxo.
He was saxing like crazy, he pulled his dick out of his arsehole and stuck his dick in his pussy. My mom was on the
floor, on the mat, pumping my mom on top of my brave mom.
He was going fast. My mother’s moans echoed in the hall. Mert one
He was kissing my mother.
After a while, my mother stood up. He lay face down on a tall instrument
. He got behind Mert. He shoved his dick up her ass and
started pumping quickly. He was holding my mom by the hips and pushing her back and forth. He made a smacking
sound as his balls hit his bottom. Mert
came out of my mother’s ass. “Let’s go to my house, we’ll continue there,” he said.
We set off, my mother’s cousin Gülay called, let’s meet up or something. My mother said to him,
“Get ready, we’ll pick you up at home”. Gulay’s 28-year-old daughter, like a stone, had not yet
married. I thought I’d fuck her too. We got the rose on the way.
We came to the Merts.
We entered the house. Laugh under a black super mini skirt on a black
There was a shirt. He was giving a super free kick, leaving two buttons open from above.
We went to Mertin’s room, my mother undressed and lay down on the bed with dignity and they immediately
started kissing. Gulay was staring. I started to unbutton his shirt
. He didn’t say anything, I continued. I was squeezing her breasts over the bra
. It was like a stone, I was going to ejaculate while squeezing it.
Mertte took my mother’s legs and kept on fucking.
Then I took off the skirt of the gulay and started to knead her by squeezing her butt. I took my dick
out, pressed it against the wall, peeled off his thong and fucked his ass in a jiffy.
I started pumping. There is neither blood nor anything, which has been detained before.
I was fucking crazy too. At the same time, I was squeezing her breasts.
I fucked for 15-20 minutes, then he bent down, took my dick in his mouth and started blowjob like crazy
. I exploded in his mouth and he licked up all the semen. Mert
was holding my mother in his lap and shoving his dick in his ass. My mother
got up from the mert and emptied it with her hands. We stayed in the evening.
Our sex continued throughout the night . We fucked with Mer and swapping spouses. I
laugh at my mother mert. Then I bravely my mother.
What other adventures does my mother have? I will tell them too. 4 people fucked my mom in the gym
, I’ll write that later. On my birthday, 5
people fucked my mom. We made a great group, I’ll tell you more about them

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