Hello, I discovered this site a few days ago. I am 25 years old, I live in Urfa
and I have been sick with my aunt’s daughter for years. This story is completely
true. If I were to tell it, I would like
go to my story without further ado .
3 months ago, my aunt
thought that I should fuck her daughter. She is going to the classroom,
I waited for her to go to the classroom. I think I waited for 1.5 hours, but it was worth the wait.
I came out of the classroom and approached her quietly,
as if I had met her by chance, I offered to drop her off at home and she accepted without hesitation
. .We chatted in the car, my aunts were not at home, they came to my office with me.
He said he wanted to spend some time with my computer, why not (
God gave two eyes, one eye the blind wanted).
We immediately went to my office, since it was Sunday,
there was no one in my office. First we talked a bit. Later, I told him that I found him very sexy and
wanted to have sex with him, he was very surprised and said he wanted to go
. Of course, I couldn’t allow it and I immediately blocked him. No matter how much he resisted,
it was useless right away.
I started hugging and stroking her ass that I dreamed about for years she was crying and
telling me not to, after a few minutes she calmed down and started to conform to me.
With very quick movements, I peeled off his shirt and he was upright.
I started licking her breasts, the room started to undress me. Later, she sat me on
my office chair and unzipped my dick and
started playing with my dick, she was sucking so much that from time to time it was like she was going to suffocate (my
little one is so big and thick)
. It was a lucky day because I was waiting for such a
time for 2 years, I should not waste any time.
I immediately peeled off those tight jeans and sat her on my couch.
I started sucking on her crotch. It was like she was going crazy, my cunt was watering slowly,
I wanted to gently peel off her panties. She said she was still a virgin and we shouldn’t go any
further. I just wanted to lick her cunt and
I said I’m going to fuck her in the ass, she was relieved and I put her weight down with great
pleasure I started to lick her hairy, narrow cunt she
was about to go crazy now I can’t tell you how she squeezed my head between her two feet but
now it was empty.
She relaxed and said it was my turn, of course I was still stroking her pussy and
playing with the flowing water with her asshole (because I was unprepared
, there was no such thing as cream and lubricant), she
got up for a while and knelt in front of me, stroking my dick with gentle movements
and started to take it in her mouth, she was making such rhythmic movements that she almost blew her mouth.
I was like fucking,
my dick was so big I was afraid to fuck her in the ass, luckily
I mustered up my courage and brought him to the 69 position. I tried to
loosen his ass hole a little by licking my tongue. I spit my dick out and
came to the door of the backyard. I failed my first try because my dick was too
big, the ass hole was too small. All of a sudden I thought of the oil in the kitchen.
I immediately bought the oil in the kitchen and came, but he insisted on sucking my dick, I could
n’t break him because I was dreaming of him for years. He
licked my dick and sucked it and finally I ejaculated in his mouth. He swallowed all the
liquid that was flowing with great appetite. We made love for a long time, but my mind was on that
beautiful ass. He tried to take it and revive it because the
room wanted to feel me in it now, it was sucking my dick
the stake was cut, I took the 69 position again, I oiled the asshole carefully
, then I oiled my dick because I didn’t want to hurt and scare you the first time
I started to push slowly, now the head of my dick was in her ass , with a shaky and
eager tone, come on
, whatever it was, I couldn’t wait. I was stroking her breasts, she was going crazy . After a while, she started to tremble and contract and we both started to ejaculate at the same time. She lay unconscious for a long time in my arms, moaning saying “my man is my man”. We meet every other day and continue.

three weeks ago she gave me her maiden too I’m in love with her

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