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The event I will tell is completely real, by the way, let me introduce myself my name is tulin I
am 29 years old I am married my husband is tamer 36 years old we are married for one year we
both work in the public sector we are residing in a distinguished province of turkey we are residing in a distinguished province of turkey
half year semester break was approaching we talked with my wife we ​​were planning to go on a holiday
in winter day
We looked at a cute district of Antalya, a five-star hotel, we liked it, we
made a reservation immediately, we set off after two days, we came to the hotel with our own car. It was a very nice hotel , although it was
winter , it was crowded, mostly foreigners, there weren’t many locals, we settled in our room, we took a shower before we took a shower.

we went to the restaurant and then we went to the bar, my wife, I will drink, do you
want, I don’t drink much, but we came on vacation, after all, I bought wine,
anyway, that night went very well, our days were going very well, it was the third day of the holiday, I said to
my wife in the morning, let’s go to the pool
I said I’ll come later, I
said I’d come, I put on my bikini and the tracksuit was right on the elevator,
there was an elevator inside the hotel, we were on the last floor, I got on the elevator, it was quiet because it was early in the morning,
anyway, the elevator stood at the bottom, someone got on, he was a stranger, the man was a foreigner with a swimsuit
on his back 50 55 years old, he was probably a blonde,
he said good morning in a foreign language and I said hi I gave it before my eyes
tripped man wore a swimsuit in the form of a slip-on pant but his dick was so big that he almost jumped out I
couldn’t believe my eyes my
heart started beating my husband’s suddenly came in front of me
believe me my husband’s next to him must be a nut the elevator stopped I immediately took the road to the pool I went inside there was no one in the cabin I took off my sweatpants I immediately jumped into the pool there was no one but us the room came to the pool threw the towel over him jumped into the pool again the man was swimming well I don’t know how to swim

i stood on the chaise lounge right in front of me my eye was on that amazing tool again
this time it was bigger it was as if i was locked in the tool the man
couldn’t see me
because he was lying down
suddenly what am I
doing she wouldn’t come yet i came out of the pool looking at her i entered the cabin i
left the door open i took my bikini off suddenly the man opened the door he locked the door behind him looking at me he
said ooooo

i sigh
_ _ _ _ _ I slept, I got dressed, my husband woke up, he said, did you go to the pool, I said yes, it was very nice, I said the pool, of course, what I ate was good, I said to myself.

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