This event I will tell is real. I fucked my ex-fiancee’s mother for exactly 2 years
. Here I will tell you about the first day I fucked my mother-in-law. Especially mature and plump women should study. I met
my fiancee at university. The people of Manisa themselves were out of school. My fiancee Hayriye’s school was going to end in 1 year. He used to go to school every day, I would work and stay at them. I would go to 5 o’clock every day and come at 23.30 at night. I would fuck his daughter in bed at night. I would tell you about my first fuck with my mother-in-law . Naime always watched over us while I was fucking or kissing and caressing her daughter. One day I got up at around 11 o’clock, of course, my father-in-law was at work, my fiancee was at school . I took a shower while I was taking a shower, a shadow appeared behind her.

He was watching me through the keyhole. I lifted my dick towards him. I was
stroking him like he was thrashing. Then suddenly naime disappeared from the side of the door .
I immediately came out of the bathroom within 1 minute. she was stroking her nipples and making noises like ohhhhhhh ohhhhh. Naime had 110 cm breasts and 100-inch hips. I would sigh every day when I saw those breasts. aahhh when I would lick her . she had bent her hips in two

She looked huge as if she was leaving. I just got a little closer for her. It was obvious that she had had too much to eat.
Or our father-in-law wasn’t enough
for her, but she was a very horny woman, it was obvious she was 42 years old but she was very
horny. She realized that I was getting close to her and
suddenly her hips started to come back to my cock. she suddenly doubled
up and looked at me. as if her eyes were begging to fuck me. I didn’t know how to start. I grabbed her waist and sat down on the
bed, sitting her right on my dick and started kissing her neck.
Naime had lowered the sails into the water and
she was muttering that she wanted you so much oooohhhh ohhhh she was muttering that I want you so much
. the tits were in my hands
Now. I took off the thin shirt she was wearing, she turned her face towards me and started to caress
her breasts like a huge cow that couldn’t fit in her bra.
I took off her bra and started to pout. As I licked, my naime
started to loosen up and she started to say, “Eat me all over me, my husband. when I put my tongue in the warmth of her pussy, I suddenly fell out because it was unfortunately hot. As I licked, she softened. She was moaning and the water was flowing like floods . I started to swirl it around and couldn’t put it in.

I’ve been through, oh my god, it was so tight, my dick was struggling
, he was screaming while I was inserting it. I was holding his super tits and smacking your pussy naime
fuck my husband. she moaned. The woman ejaculated 5 times before I ejaculated.
I just fucked her for half an hour because her face was making
me crazy when
moaned .
I enjoyed it. Then my cock was in his mouth, he lifted it, I tangled it,
naimeyei all kinds of things like that I fucked him for 2 hours that day
My daughter is very lucky. She said that you should kill the man every time you fuck
her. I fucked her at every opportunity after that day. I broke up with her daughter after 2 years. Actually, I
didn’t want to leave the naime but anyway.

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