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Özel Siyah Dick Aç Öğretmen Lana Roy Dersten Sonra Karanlık Şaft Sikikleri! Because I was very beautiful when I was young, they gave me to the son of one of the rich people in the city when I was just 17. I come from a family of Bulgarian immigrants. With my long blonde hair, green eyes, medium-sized breasts, slim waist, I was very beautiful at that time, but now there are no traces of those days. My breasts are still beautiful, but my ass has grown like any housewife’s. Our sex life, which has been going on mediocre for 30 years already, completely ended 7-8 years ago with my husband’s diabetes. When the children got married, I closed up now. Because I grew up in a conservative environment anyway, sex was a shameful thing for me to talk about even when I was young, and it almost completely went out of my mind. Even with my daughters, I have never once said a single word about sexuality. But 2 years ago, events that changed my life began to happen in a row.

My eldest daughter’s husband of 10 years was a handsome, sympathetic, 39-year-old man who we heard was flirtatious before we got married. But someone who has no disrespect for me or his wife even once, I’ve never even seen him look sideways at other women. He left his wife at the summer house in the summers and went to Istanbul on weekends. One Friday, I heard my little girl, who is also married, and her older brother whispering on the balcony. I approached the balcony without making a sound. My little girl, “Yours is coming tonight, sis, it won’t make you sleep again!” he was saying. Her sister also said, “Well, it was good at first, but she doesn’t withdraw anymore, she fucks me every night, if I run away because I’m tired, she puts it in my mouth!” said. And the little one said, “Now you’re coming with a week’s load, you’re burned, sis! Well, mine’s the best, one or two a week, a little, but a little. He must have found someone and fucked them sometimes, but I don’t make a sound, he’s so loving and kind to me that I’m in love with him even after all these years! Dec.” said.

In the evening the groom came. There was some conversation after dinner. Since the groom was an important manager, he took his laptop and retreated to his rooms to work. So I went to my room to go to bed. But I couldn’t think of the topics my daughters were talking about. And what a dirty thing it was to hold it to your mouth! I’ve never done such a thing until I was this age. I had already released myself completely after going through menopause and I hadn’t even touched my pussy except to wash it.Tue. But now I was thinking about nothing but the fuck that was going to start in my next room soon, I was trying to chase this sin out of my head.

Suddenly a deviltry came to my mind. Then I tried to repent and go to sleep, but in my brain my daughter (fucks every night!) his sentence resonated. There was a double bed in my room and two single beds in their room. The grandson would sleep on the floor bed. I immediately got up and called out to my daughter, “If you stay in my room, you’ll be more comfortable, and your grandson won’t be sleeping on the floor!” I said, with the emphasis that I was thinking only of my grandson. They went into my room, and I went into their room. I left my door open, they naturally closed their doors.

Even though I was lying down, I was fluffing my ear, wondering if there would be any fucking sounds. There was no sound for the first 10 minutes. The devil prodded, I was curious, I got up, I quietly looked through the keyhole of their door. But I was disappointed, the groom was fiddling with his computer. Just as I was giving up hope and thinking about going to my room, the groom turned off his computer and hugged my daughter, who was reading a book in bed, from behind. The groom was gently stroking my daughter’s shapely long legs, which looked like my youth, whispering something in her ear. My daughter was also pushing her ass in front of the groom and flirting. On the one hand, the groom sucked her earlobe and kissed her neck, one hand entered from below and grabbed her left breast, and the other hand was stroking my daughter’s pussy. At first I thought that what I was doing was a shame and a sin, but the devil prodded me, I continued to watch. I, who had never even masturbated in my life, was about to watch pørnø live for the first time.

They continued like this for a while, then the groom got up, took off his clothes, and his back was turned to the door. Then he put my daughter face down and threw her on the floor, pulling off her pajama bottoms and panties with a snap. Sitting on my daughter’s ass, he also took off the top of her pajamas in one motion. Naked and face down, he spread my daughter’s legs and glued her Decapitated head between her ass cheeks. That they did this many times was obvious from the speed with which my daughter put a pillow under her waist. He was slapping his ass lightly on one hand, then licking it all over and grabbing it. At one point, he completely buried his head, and my daughter also lifted her ass up a little, so from this angle it was very clear that he was licking her pussy and ass at the same time and fingering both of them Decently. even when I was 18 years old, when my pussy was a thin line, I had never been licked like this once, then it had never even crossed my mind that my pussy could be licked.

After a while, my daughter started fluttering, burying her head in the pillow. It was obvious that if they were in their house, they would scream. My daughter said, “I’m done, that’s enough!” despite what he said, the groom turned my daughter on her back, put her in the missionary position, grabbed her ass with both hands, her mouth completely covered my daughter’s pussy, continued to lick. Then he stuck one or two fingers into my daughter’s pussy at motor speed and started licking on one hand. Two minutes later, my daughter contracted like a spring again and let herself down on the bed, she wasn’t moving anymore. That’s when I saw the groom’s dick. He stopped licking, lay down next to my daughter, began to tenderly kiss her. But my eye was caught on the groom’s dick. His dick wasn’t very long, but it was wrist-thick. Until that moment, I had only seen my husband’s dick, but the groom’s dick was perfect.

My daughter slowly opened her eyes, this time my daughter first kissed her husband’s neck, breasts, then started kissing his balls and stroking his dick with her hand before taking her eyes off my son-in-law. However, I held my husband’s dick once while lathering his back, other than that, my lips didn’t even touch. My daughter then did something that surprised me, took her husband’s cock in her mouth all at once, remained a little motionless. My innocent-looking teacher daughter was doing things I couldn’t imagine. Meanwhile, his hand was stroking the balls from below. Dec. Then he suddenly became agitated, started sucking. This time it was the groom’s turn to try not to make a sound. After a minute or two, the groom pressed my daughter’s head well into his cock, he pulled her legs well November. And when my daughter straightened up, I was shocked, fertilizations were flowing from the side of her tiny mouth. I felt nauseous, but what really shocked me was the wetness I felt in my pussy for the first time since the menopause.

My daughter straightened up and reached into her bag, took out tissue paper and wiped her mouth and face. The groom, on the other hand, was waiting on the bed with his dick upright, stroking his dick on the one hand. It amazed me that your dick didn’t come down. The veins on the thick cock were visible, and a drop or two of cum shone on the tip. He had sex with my husband once or twice in a row, but in these we also waited for his dick to get up to start the second one. After my daughter cleaned her mouth and face, she got on top of the bed like it was a very natural view and sat on that thick dick all at once. At that moment, I thought about the moment when that thin girl first got into this dick. It hadn’t even crossed my mind at their wedding. My daughter gradually began to move her waist. Then, taking strength from the groom’s knees, he began to sit up and stand up. The thick root of the dick was shining from the pussy waters of my daughter.

After a while, my daughter said, “I’m tired!” when he said, the groom laid her down next to him, lifted up one leg and started pumping her pussy on Dec. On the one hand, he was squeezing his one breast, taking the ends between his fingers and pulling. Dec. At that time, I also noticed that my hand was stroking my pussy over my nightgown. I pulled the skirt of my nightgown up to my legs, opened my underwear and gently touched my drenched pussy, which had been soaked for maybe the last time 10 years ago. And then my finger touched my awl, which I was afraid to touch even when I was washing because it was a sin.

At this time, the groom accelerated his entry into my daughter’s pussy thoroughly, covered my daughter’s mouth with his hand so that she wouldn’t scream. “Let him punish you in Istanbul, bitch, I’ll fuck you twice every evening!” he was moaning. “There’s no water left in my pussy!” my daughter’s wetness was almost up to her knees, ” he said. The groom also completely removes his dick and inserts it again, the image of a wet thick dick also drove me crazy. Huge balls were swinging and hitting my daughter’s ass. “Don’t come at me!”with the voice of my daughter saying, I suddenly stuck two fingers in my pussy. The groom took out his dick and handed it between my daughter’s hands, and the dick that the tiny hands had wrapped around Decked out again with a few rubs on my daughter’s face.

While I was having perhaps the hardest orgasm of my life, I closed my eyes and found myself imagining trying to sit on that thick cock. As I went to my room with my hand soaked, regretting the thought that I had sinned, the only thing on my mind was to fuck myself. Watching my son-in-law fuck my daughter made me crazy…

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