This is a story full of love and sex that I’m about to tell.
Let me introduce myself first. I am an athletic and attractive male, 1.85 meters, 75 kilos,
blonde (my girlfriends also talk about it.)
Without further ado, my military days are approaching
. .My aunt weighs the
same as me. She is a descendant of a family. Her height
her . He opened the door and I immediately hugged him but it was as if I was a single body.

When I say where are you honey, I am touching both your chest
and hips with my hands, of course the room doesn’t make any noise ,
thank you, my auntie said I missed you and we went to the room. She said I’ll
prepare food for you because you are hungry, she went to the kitchen, so I approached her
, secretly, are you bored, while Isis said that she was bored and tickled her with a beard
and my aunt was left with my hands, of course she understood, stay relaxed,
she said, “Of course, I was joking, we had
dinner, my uncle said I’m going, we said well, I have a freemasonry, of course,
my aunt knows, let’s see, my aunt rubbed my shoulders, of course, can I miss it
, but the aunty, I have to sit on the one who escaped and drink her milk. ”
I said you have to take it off because it hurts your back, every client of yours was the
build, my aunt knew.
she said fine, she said take it off, the opportunity arose for me. By slowly lifting her waist and taking off her
bulize, I accidentally untied her bra . We sweated, my thesis, what did he say, did he sweat ?

When I was taking off her underwear, it was like I was going to die, her panties were stuck to her ass and I took off her
panties slowly, I started my massage slowly as if I was squeezing her with my hand for
a while, I looked at my aunt’s face and the relief was evident. I
was taking my hand further but slowly,
my aunt said that’s enough, but she had unplugged her bra, and
her breasts were standing right in front of me. He said, ” I’m stuck, my
aunt said, come on, I can do it to you now.” He started to undress me and I
was left with one pant. Of course my dick is upturned. My aunt said what is
your snooping, I said no, my aunt said it happens occasionally, I said the room
started to massage
my panties, so I slapped myself to be a faggot.
my aunt said it’s ok in front of her in a little while she said I can do it right in front of her she said, just as I was coming back, I knowingly put mine on
a little bit of my trousers. I looked at my aunt, she was enjoying herself slowly and after licking her belly, I took off her panties but she was right in front of me, I was slowly licking my tongue and sticking my fingers in it. I couldn’t stand it anymore and the room was screaming, fuck it, I wanted to make it crazy, give me when I was running my dick on it, I suddenly stumbled into the room ahhhhhhhh

The voice resounded,
while my aunt was screaming as a slow bastard, I was getting to the bottom of it and my aunt wanted more, click and see
how many originals there
are on immediately.`, CAPTION, `Search-Find’);” onmouseout=”return
nd();”> actually he said I’m coming when he was saying he is coming and I was empty
at the same time I gave my dick to his dick again it was mine again he stood up
and it was my dream hips he said don’t
worry I said don’t worry and started licking his hips
I tried to put mine in, it wouldn’t fit right away I took the oil from the
kitchen and stole it on my dick and ass now no one could
hold it slowly I entered it
I was inserting it and rooting it all, now the room was finished, I thought you fainted
, so I continue, now the room got used to it, it was
enjoying it and I ejaculated for the second time. My uncle said
it would be enough, I offered to do it in the bathroom. I fucked both his cunt and his ass there
. Now I’m in the military, we agreed to be together on leave, we count the
moonlight from me, so much smack to everyone, let everyone
be empty inside me once more I kissed byeee

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