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30 years old, green eyes, brunette, chubby, married, childless, I work in a bank. My wife works in a private company. One weekend, my wife asked me to be very stylish and invited to a party at her boss’s villa. Her boss said that after this party, He was going to announce promotions and my wife had the status of being a manager. I wore a low-cut blouse and a mini skirt underneath. The villa had a very large hall outside the city and was truly magnificent. It was filled with well-known and stylish guests. My wife’s Boss Selim Bey and his beautiful wife İnci hn. At the insistence of my husband, I could not break it and drank it. After a while, my heart started to scorch and burn in a way that I could not understand. My wife left me for a while, Selim Bey came to me and made me dance. ‘s compliments to me, his muscular body, With the pleasant smell of perfume and the effect of the drink, I was feeling pleasant, I felt like I was going to pass out. We became one body by pulling me to him and his hands were on my back and hips, a desire to fidget, to make love. I felt that his penis was rising and pressing. I told him that I was dizzy and not feeling well. He made a sign to his wife and his wife, İnci hn., came up to me and gently took my arm and took me to one of the upstairs rooms, making me lie on the bed. I was really dizzy and felt numb all over, I had an extreme desire to have sex. İnci hn. He gently took off my shoes, blouse, bra, then my skirt. He was madly kissing and licking my lips. By the way, he whispered that I was so cute. His hands were running all over my body and squeezing my nipples. I was so turned on when he kissed my nipples and sucked. He got on top of me, put his pussy in my mouth and asked me to suck and lick it. While calling his wife on his mobile phone and calling him to the room, he began to dress himself. After a while, Selim Bey entered the room, İnci hn. He went out and watched me for a while with admiration and without speaking, he took off his clothes and undressed completely. When she took off her weight, I saw her giant cock and got scared. He lay down next to me, gently took off my panties and started madly kissing, licking, squeezing all over me, his strong arms/hands running all over me and never letting me go, I was so turned on, neither my wife nor my marriage was on my mind, I just wanted to make love and fuck, He turned my body, kissed and licked my back, kissed my butt, my hips, kissed, squeezed, licked, used his hands roughly, he was making great love, then he did 69 and put his dick in my mouth, stinging and pulling she wanted me to caress her balls and she was sticking one finger in my ass hole she started opening my pussy and sucking and sticking her finger in and out, it was almost killing me, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I whispered her inside me, straightened up, lifted my legs and started rubbing her giant cock on my pussy. It was driving me crazy, it was almost begging I wanted him to fuck, finally he came into me hard, my screams were making the room moan, as I went in and out, the pain was starting to lighten and I was starting to enjoy it. I had reached the heights of pleasure, Finally, after a while, we burst and ejaculated together. It was very beautiful, I enjoyed it very much, I’ve never had sex with my wife like this before, Selim Bey really knew how to make a woman happy and fuck. He came out of me and lay next to me, We hugged each other tightly. We kissed a lot, I was very tired, but I was very happy. He gently wiped my pussy with a towel and told my ear that my wife is now the manager. They also told my wife that they liked me and her husband very much and they wanted to have me. Of course, I liked it very much. He kissed my lips. She got dressed and went downstairs. Later in the morning İnci hn. and we made love and fucked as a group again with Mr. Selim, I had a great night and I was fed up with the dick. My wife was very pleased to be the Manager and always allowed me.

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