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This time, let me be among the daughters of aunt Nevin. Aunt Nevin and
my mother went to the neighbor . They left me with the girls
. Büşra opened the door
. She was wearing school clothes. Although they were all wearing school clothes . All of them had short
skirts out of spite. I sat on a single chair and they were all in
front of me . The fact that they dropped things on the floor and took them and bent towards me made me very angry. I couldn’t stand it and started shooting 31 in the wc. Büşrada came behind me and took me.

When I came out of the WC, she called me and asked me to help her undress . I said
okay. Let’s talk before I take off her clothes,
I said ok. She started talking about sex and
asked if I had any, I said no, I said I will help you and our first
lesson is kissing, she approached me to kiss. it started and then
i started kissing her i started licking her all over first i took off her shirt i
started squeezing her breasts i was kissing her i was stroking her
breasts with one hand i was stroking her ass cheeks with my other hand i was squeezing her cheeks under her
skirt then i took off her skirt she was left with only her underwear
i was kissing and licking then i took off her bra and wrapped it up
I started to hold my dick, I was flying with pleasure, first I put my dick in his mouth and
he sucked it well my dick was in flames he was sucking my semen then
I started to hold on to his pussy he was moaning in pain and I was putting it in even faster
then we put on our clothes and left the room his sisters were
watching us inside they were smiling implicitly Büşra
called her sisters and they started talking they went in and
dressed very sexy they all wore mini skirts they were in tight bodies
they put an erotic movie on the video and they started to turn me on and they started talking to me
the movie included lesbians and groups the movie started
my dick was like a dick
They asked me if you wanted it, so I said yes, at first, Büşra and Merve
started undressing and kissing each other,
fingering their pussy, rubbing their breasts, carving for satisfaction,
then Pelin and me started having sex, first we started kissing, then I started to undress Pelin, first I started to take off the shoulders
of the short dress she was wearing .
Then I took off her skirt and she took off her bra
herself, I took off her thong panties and put my dick in
her ass. Büşrada was fingering Pelin’s pussy, then I put it in her mouth
and they all licked up all my semen.

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