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Hello Friends, the event that I am going to tell happened to me 3 years ago. I have a friend with whom I have been intimate for years. Actually, I had nothing to do with his wife. We used to go as a family. His wife was very sincere to me, she always looked me in the eye. One day she called me from my workplace, complained about her husband and asked me for help, she. Even though I always tried to stay away from it, it came to me very, very much. He called me at every opportunity. In the end (even though we’re married), she asked me to love me, to be with me occasionally, at least to satisfy her longing. After all, I’m a man too, so one day I called this to a hotel, “Come then if you’re serious!” I said. I went to the hotel, told the location, one hour later, he came, don’t ask. She was wearing a hijab, but believe me, a very tight dress that showed every line of her body. She is a bit petite type, she has huge breasts, a little big hips but a thin waist. As soon as I walked through the door, he hugged my neck and started kissing me like a maniac. So I wrapped my arms around his waist, grabbed his ass from behind and started kissing and licking his neck. I immediately got down on my knees and opened my zipper, and when he saw my boy, his eyes widened. Mine is both thick and long. The words that came out of his mouth, “I’m going to be a victim to this creature!” When I heard his words, I believed that he wanted to eat my dick for years… He was sucking my cock so hard that he was devastated to satisfy the longing for years. He took it in his mouth for 15-20 minutes behind the door. I picked it up and took it to bed. I lay her on her back on the bed and I lay on her back, in the 69 position. Though I didn’t want to suppress it as much as I could, I thought this was going to suffocate. I put my head between his legs. She smelled mushy and was terribly wet. She obviously had a freshly shaved, baby skin cunt. After nearly half an hour of licking each other, I took it under me. He’s going crazy unless he rubs mine in your cunt’s mouth. Finally, he began to beg, “Put your big dick in my pussy, I’ll be a victim…” I licked my dick, it was tearing this sheet even though I poked his head lightly. Even though she had a child, her pussy was as tight as if it were an unpierced teenage girl’s pussy… It drove me crazy to see the feeling of pain and pleasure in her eyes at the same time. I couldn’t resist, I started to enter inch by inch. I finally got it down to the root. It’s like I’m fucking ass, not pussy. He was squeezing my pussy so hard that I can’t explain. It was burning as if there was a stove inside. It was such a pleasure that we moved from position to position. I fucked this cunt for nearly an hour. Finally, he begged, “I’ll be a victim, what’s wrong with me? I want you to squirt in me, suffocate my pussy.” saying. I was already in a state of explosion, I was in a full flow. The inside of her pussy was choked with semen, as I put my cock in and out, the semen was gushing from side to side… Then we took a shower together. He soaped me, I soaped him. He collapsed again and started to take my cock in his mouth. Once, after emptying me in the bathroom, we dried off and went back to bed. “I’d like to take your maiden.” I said. Thereupon, O said, “Your maiden was not granted to you, but if you want, I have a place that does not become maiden, may it be halal for you!” wouldn’t he say? Although her husband has been begging for years, she has not given her husband in the ass. I tucked this into the bed and got right behind it. While stroking and licking her ass and cunt, she said, “I have hand cream in my bag, take it, don’t tear my ass off and put me in the hospital, I’ll be your sacrifice.” said. I couldn’t bear it. I took the cream, I creamed my dick well. I’ve creamed around your ass and the hole well, I’m going to rub it a little bit into your ass with my finger, but even my finger can hardly go in. I looked at the big dick in my hand, and I looked at the ass hole, I felt sorry God exists… But can animal feelings stop? Especially if I’m the first to fuck that narrow ass. When he put my big cock in his ass mouth, this one hit his head on the pillow. She yells as I force her to shove it up her ass. Believe me, I struggled for 15 minutes, but I finally stuck it out. But he shouted so loudly that I thought he was going to destroy the Alas Hotel on our heads. “You ripped my ass off, I’m a victim, take it out, that’s enough!” she shouts. Is it possible, how do I remove it. I slowly started to insert it. I finally rooted it, but the bed left no quilt, it tore. I lay on it with my roots, “My love is okay, let me stay in it, you’ll get used to it!” I said. It’s trembling under me. It came to this pleasure as I began to kiss her neck, slowly doing it back and forth. “Smash my ass my love, tear me up!” she exclaims. It’s the first time I’ve seen a woman taking pleasure from her ass, believe me, water was flowing from her ass. My boy officially smashed his ass, but the woman didn’t care with the feeling of pleasure… While she was in her ass, her phone rang. It was her husband who called, “Where are you? When will you come?” she asks it. And this one said to her husband on the phone, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” and whispering in my ear, “I came, I came! I just came like that…” she said. After hanging up the phone, we immediately took a shower, got dressed and left the Hotel. In the evening, this time, I received a phone call from her husband, “You must come to tea.” she said. Anyway, we arrived. Poor guy, he can’t walk while serving tea. He sat across from us with difficulty. My Lady, “I’m sorry, what happened?” When asked, “Don’t ask, I fell down the stairs, I can’t sit down.” she said. At that time, he was looking at me mischievously and smiling… From that day on, we met with my friend’s wife once a week at the hotel and had sex for hours. He can’t get enough of licking the wife, being fucked and eating from behind…

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