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I was a bride in Iskenderuna two years ago. We
were there because of my husband’s job. We are from Bursa. All of our relatives
stayed in the country. We did not have anyone in Bursa. he is a chauffeur for a shipping company . At first he took care of me, although not excessively, now

He goes for transportation, he doesn’t come for a few days. When he arrives, he has
recently started drinking, seems drunk, and has been drinking very often. He neglected me too. He could
not see me. I was playing
with myself, satisfying myself with racy movies from satellite broadcasts
. I was saying that if you keep doing this,
I will leave the house, but he never heard me. He came back from the road last week. It was Tuesday morning. He was
drunk, he went to bed immediately . like a fish out of water

I started thinking on the street, it was around 11 in the morning. The first thing that came to my mind was the
Hayriye sisters, whom I always took shelter in. I went straight to them. I was crying, I was angry. I was going unannounced ,
maybe they were not at home. It would have been my disaster
what happened, why are you crying?” He
said .
There was no sister either. My hiccups increased even more. ”
Tell me what happened to Feride,” he said, while he wrapped his arms around me.
It gave me confidence. I said, “If I didn’t tell you, brother Jesus,” I said, “Why am I a foreigner?
He said, “I don’t know, it’s my husband again. Sister Hayriye knew. When she came back from work today, she came
back drunk again. I said I’d leave the house, so
I left the house in anger.” I said, “You did well, donkey Halil, he deserved it too
. Let him know your worth.” I put my head on his shoulder . I was crying.
Isa brother was stroking my hair with his hand. I was a little
relieved. porn stories She
was dressed comfortably, probably because there was no one at home. So I involuntarily put my hand
on her legs. I could feel her leg hair.
She had thick, thick legs.
He stood firm. He was like a rock. He was rubbing my body with his hands, as if he was massaging
.” Don’t worry about all this, it will all pass, your thick-headed husband
will lose, where will he find a fresh bride like you, you are young, you are
beautiful. Come, relax a bit, you to your sister Hayriye’s room. Let me take you,
lie on your bed and get some rest. “said. He grabbed my arms and lifted me up. He pulled me by my hands and
started to pull me towards the bedroom. That’s when I
saw it. The puffiness under the sweatpants was invisible. When I got to the bedroom
, he made me sit on the bed. He took off the thin cardigan I was wearing
. He went outside and came with cologne in his hand. He rubbed it on my hands and face. He rubbed it on my forehead
and hair and started massaging it.
I was
relieved . From there he went down to my waist. Then he sat on the bed and placed me on his lap. Her dick was up and she was touching my hip. Feride, you are a very beautiful woman, don’t let anyone upset you. He ran his hand around my legs and tried to get up under my skirt. He took my hand and put it on his dick . I wanted to pull myself in, I was scared. Don’t be afraid, I’m not a stranger. Then he took off my skirt . I got a lot of panties on me. He got up and started kissing me.

He was sucking my breasts. He started to lick all over me,
it landed on my belly button, I liked it very much . I let myself go, I
wanted to take revenge on my husband, too. sex story
Feride said you have a body like Aphrodite, but what a beauty it
is impossible not to worship you. I was getting spoiled, I was
losing myself
more and
more. When my brother saw my pussy, his eyes popped out of his socket. Feride
said, what a wonderful thing. Believe me, I can lick it with my tongue for hours, especially hairy
but I love it. Licking, whistling sound
It was his turn. He pulled away a little bit and took off his sweatpants, what was that, it was like
a pickaxe . I tried but I could n’t grasp it. Isa brother Halil never knew such things, he would just look at ejaculation as soon as possible . .Isa brother , if you fuck Hayriye sister every day, I said, well , it burned, I said.

‘m getting a fuck out of her narrow ass hole , she said. Okay, can she fit it
, my sister? You can feel a hot liquid
flowing out, he said. He turned my back and creamed around my dick and
my ass. He said wait me bitch Feride, now I’m going to slip through your asshole
. He stinged it but I burst into screams. Great Isa brother,
I shouted that it was such a good feeling to have your dick inside of me. .I ejaculated three times
, brother Isa. We fucked for two days until sister Hayriye came, I experienced all kinds
of pleasures and positions, I can say that it was the happiest two days of my life.

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