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We are a married couple for 10 years, just over the age of 30. My wife learned about sex from me in the first years of our marriage and I can say that the subject we agreed on
best during this time was sexuality. For a long time, we did not need any fantasy in our relationship with my wife. But for the last 2-3 years , we have been telling each other about the third person and making love.

At first, I brought another woman into our fantasies… While we were talking about these , our
lovemaking had suddenly gained more excitement.
My wife’s breathing and even changed. Then
we played the 3rd person as a man and my wife liked it very much.

Now we were telling each other fantasies every time we made love.
Sometimes I was with our upstairs neighbor, Halo, and my wife was with me instead of
her. Some days, instead of the janitor, I
was with my wife.

Now is the time to have a different experience. But we didn’t quite know how
to do it. Then the opportunity came to us…
15 days ago, a married couple of friends came to visit us. When the conversation
was talking about love, the subject came to sexuality.
We learned that Hakan and Mine had serious problems in this regard .

Since we’ve all been drinking and I’m the best of them all, it
suddenly occurred to me to realize the fantasies I shared with my wife
. When I went to the kitchen for a while, I also called my wife. And I just
said to him, ‘What do you say’! When I got the answer ‘you know’, I immediately went inside and
put on a nice slow song from our youth years…

Everyone sipped their drinks in silence. Suddenly
I got up and invited mine to dance. Mine was a sexy woman who was 170 meters tall with bigger breasts and
longer legs than my wife.
Mine looked at my wife with a nice smile and joined my invitation…

I could feel him rubbing his crotch on me eagerly and pressing his breasts against mine as we stood hugging each other and dancing . While my wife and
Hakan were watching us, I felt that their breathing accelerated.
We were all ready for what would happen when we said ‘You should come too’… My wife
had a more alive body and nicer hips compared to Mine.

While dancing with them, I noticed how my wife was leaning on Hakan. Meanwhile, Mine
had put her head on my shoulder and hugged me tight so that I could kiss her on the neck
. Since we’ve all had enough alcohol,
I started kissing Enamel without thinking… Mine immediately responded and put her hands on my
hips. She turned her face towards me and started kissing… When my eyes fell on ours , I saw that
my wife was dancing in Hakan’s arms with her top off …

While we continued to dance by removing everything on the enamel and sticking our bodies
, my wife had already started to undress the khan on the 3 seater sofa
… Mine suddenly bent down and started to take mine into her mouth… It
was hard to believe that this woman and man had sexual problems.

My wife and Hakan are making love with unbelievable groans and mine made me feel the most beautiful feelings I have ever
tasted. When we moved to the 69
position on the carpet, my wife left the room in Hakan’s lap
. The groans from the next room mixed with those coming from the living room and we listened to slow
music for 2 more hours.

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