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In my last story, I told you that I fucked my Assveren sister-in-law in the ass. Now I want to tell you how I fucked my sister-in-law’s friend Nihali, who gave me a bonus gift. This summer, the sister-in-law did not come alone, she brought her friend from high school, Nihali, with her. I was already crazy when I heard that the sister-in-law was coming, and when I heard about her friend, I was very excited. Anyway I got these from the Terminal and brought them home. After hugging and kissing, I started to look at Nihali without being noticed. Nihal, unlike the sister-in-law, was a brown-haired woman with a small breast, a little weaker but fuller round hips, and her hair turning to blonde.

In my opinion, she was more beautiful than the sister-in-law in terms of facial beauty, but because my sister-in-law was very sexy, she made up for all these disadvantages. A few days passed, and Nihal quickly warmed up to the environment. We used to spend the evenings playing Okey and making a purse-seine. But my mind was on the sister-in-law, when this time came, I hadn’t had a chance to fuck her ass. Since he wasn’t alone in the room he slept in this time, I didn’t even dare to go into his room at night while he was sleeping, let alone fuck him, even caress him. But when we were alone during the day, for example, if he was alone in the kitchen or something, I would go and touch his hips and sometimes palm them. Sister-in-law is both ‘

Don’t do that!’ She was abducting herself as if to say, and she was pretending to want to… One evening, Nihale discreetly asked the sister-in-law, “When are you going to make me lick this Nihali, sister?” I asked. The sister-in-law said to me, “Don’t be ridiculous, Uncle! What a horny thing are you? I didn’t bring the Nihal for you to fuck it!” said. It seemed to me that he said that because he was jealous. I closed the issue without putting too much emphasis. We were playing Okey again one weekend evening, the game was over after a long time after midnight. I went to bed because I was sleepy. Our lady had already fallen into the deepest sleep for a long time, as she was a complete sleeper. I went to bed right away, but my mind was always on ours. I fell asleep hugging my wife, imagining that I had fucked both her sister-in-law and Nihali…

Once I woke up, I looked at the clock, it was showing 3:30. The weather was very hot. Everyone was asleep so no lights were on. I got up to go to the toilet. Actually, my intention is clear, I’m going to check on the sister-in-law. I quietly left the room. The sister-in-law and Nihal were sleeping in the opposite room. The doors were open due to the heat of the air. Passing by, I took a glance inside, one of the beds was intact. I couldn’t see who was sleeping in the other one. None of the girls were there. I slowly walked into the living room. Yes, one of the chicks was sleeping on the sofa in the living room. I entered the living room silently and looked closely, it was my sister-in-law. I gently stroked the sister-in-law’s ass. I was so excited.

I took the cigarette from the table, went out to the open balcony, sat down, lit a cigarette, drank and waited for my excitement to pass. I remembered that I did a sister-in-law on the same sofa last year, my dick was swollen like a concrete pillar again. While I was immersed in those thoughts, a Silhouette suddenly appeared at the balcony door. I was a little scared, but I didn’t show it. This was my sister-in-law, wearing a strappy Body and short shorts underneath. “What are you doing, Uncle?” said. And I’m like, “I’m sweating, I’m breathing.” I said and wrapped my hand around the waist of the sister-in-law, pulled myself up… said. But I never broke my mood.

I even put my hand between her legs and squeeze her calf lightly. The bellman liked it, but he was hesitant, “Let’s go inside, Uncle, someone from the neighbors will see it!” said. I got up right away. My dick was bulging out through my shorts. The sister-in-law’s eyes naturally swept there, “Don’t you ever think of anything else, Uncle?” said. When I entered the living room, I sat on the chair and said to the sister-in-law, “Let’s play for two minutes here!” I said. There was no sound from the sister-in-law, she came and sat next to me. I put my hand on my sister-in-law’s breasts and began to squeeze. I was kissing and licking his neck. The sister-in-law was also excited, after a little handshake, she went down and took my dick out of my shorts. “I’m still amazed, how did this huge thing get up my ass?” he asked, stroking my cock. said. Of course I laughed too. The sister-in-law took my cock slowly and started blowing.

After a few minutes it started to suck. It had a great suction, I was crazy with pleasure. I was about to burst into the sister-in-law’s mouth, “I’m coming! Speed ​​up!” I said. When the sister-in-law accelerated the sucking, I ejaculated so much that her mouth, face, nose and eyes were filled with sperm. He swallowed as much as he could and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. When he came back, he said, “Be patient until tomorrow, I have a surprise for you, Uncle!” and he sent me. I went to bed with joy and excitement, but couldn’t sleep for two hours thinking about what the surprise was. The next day, I squeezed the sister-in-law all day, “What surprise?” saying. But my Bitch sister-in-law said, “No way, Uncle, wait for tonight, see the surprise!” he didn’t say, he made me squirm until late at night.

Finally, when my wife and Nihal went to bed, I was left alone with the sister-in-law in the living room. I was excited. I immediately hugged the sister-in-law, started to kiss and caress, and said, “You’re going to give it in the ass tonight, isn’t that your surprise, sister-in-law?” I said. The sister-in-law took my hand and lifted me up and took me to the room where Nihal was sleeping. When he got to the door, he said, “It’s a surprise! It’s yours now!” said. I was very happy and excited, but also did not fully understand, “How so?” I said. The sister-in-law grinned, “I added sleeping pills to my sister’s and Nihal’s tea, that’s your tactic!” When he said that, my eyes shone… We entered the room and stood by the bed where Nihal was lying. Nihal was sleeping in a nightgown and looked incredibly sexy. My dick felt like a pile just looking at it.

Sister-in-law said, “Well, come on, didn’t you die to lick Nihal, Uncle? Here you go Nihal, you can lick it until morning! You can even fuck it!” said. I was like in shock, when I came to my senses, “Have you told me anything yet?” I said. The sister-in-law said, “No, she doesn’t know anything!” said. I immediately sat on the edge of the bed and stripped Nihal’s nightgown from the bottom up. Off, what beautiful hips they were, white, lush, full! I grabbed Nihal’s meaty ass and started rubbing and stroking her breasts. I was also thinking what a good thing this sleeping pill is. I took the Nihal carefully, it was lying on its side, I turned it on my back. With the help of my sister-in-law, I took off Nihal’s bra and panties. I put my head between Nihalin’s legs and started kissing and licking her cunt.

She had a great cunt! While I was licking Nihal’s pussy, the sister-in-law was sitting on the floor on the carpet, playing with herself, one hand on her pussy and one hand on her breasts… Then again with the help of the sister-in-law, I turned Nihali face down, separated her hips and started licking, licking and sucking her asshole. Then I put a pillow under her belly and raised her ass. I wet my asshole and my dick with a lot of saliva and put the head of my dick on Nihal’s ass. While she was trying to insert it, the sister-in-law said, “Nihal is not a virgin, you can relax, Uncle!” said. When I heard this, I immediately changed the address and slid my dick off Nihal’s ass. With a couple of compulsions, I started fucking. Nihal was sleeping so well that if you slit her throat, she wouldn’t wake up. After Nihalin fucked her cunt for a long time, I pulled my dick without ejaculation and put it in the mouth of the sister-in-law on the floor and ejaculated. But what a discharge, all my marrows in the mouth of the sister-in-law,

After the sister-in-law licked and cleaned my dick, she lay on her back and spread her legs, “You unpack me too, Uncle!” said. I immediately started licking my sister-in-law’s cunt. It didn’t take two minutes for the sister-in-law to orgasm and ejaculate moaning. Meanwhile, my dick was hard again, I couldn’t keep my pace, the sister-in-law said, “Turn around!” I said. The sister-in-law turned around and took the doggy position. I immediately spit my dick out and rooted it in the sister-in-law’s ass and started pumping. My sister-in-law groaned, I fucked her ass for about 20 minutes and ejaculated in her ass.

I hugged the sister-in-law without taking my dick off and we lay on the carpet hugging the sister-in-law. While I was kissing the neck and neck of the sister-in-law, the sister-in-law, still breathing through her nose, said, “I missed you fucking my ass and ejaculating inside me, Uncle!” she was saying… After a long rest, the sister-in-law said, “I want to fuck Nihal’s ass too!” I said. Sister-in-law said, “I said you can fuck Nihal as much as you want, Brother-in-law!” she said and sucked my dick up again. Then Nihalin split her hips to help me. Nihal’s black asshole appeared like a Striker.

Sex story I took a position behind Nihal. When I wet the head of my dick and lean it on Nihal’s asshole, I was burdened and stuck his head inside. After a lot of effort, I was finally able to get it to the root. After I fucked Nihalin’s ass for 15-20 minutes, I made the finale again by ejaculating in the sister-in-law’s mouth. It was such a great night! good fuck..

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