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I Fucked My Mother-in-Law While My Wife Was Sleeping
They didn’t say for nothing to look after her mother and then her calf, but I didn’t know it was enough to ask for a sex story . With the title I fucked my mother-in-law badly while my wife was sleeping, I have already told most of the event. Of course, before and after this is crazy, strange and utopian enough to be told! I still haven’t recovered from its effects. Since I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t tell anyone this story that happened to me, I wanted to share it with you.

I met my wife at a company call center. We were both university graduates, well-educated, tried to improve themselves, and could be considered one click above the standard. While we were chatting at work, we started meeting outside as well. I was 25 and my wife Jülide was 24. In fact, I was earning money at that time, or I started sports or something and got rid of my excesses. It wasn’t hard for me to get Jülide, whose eyes I was impressed with at first sight, since my height and pose were in place.

Julide is indeed a beautiful woman. His eyes are charcoal black, pitch black… The best part is that he always shines. Her skin is so white that if you take scissors on her cheek, it will turn red. We went on vacation for so long, we sunbathed, but there was no change in skin color, it was very slightly red. He had black hair back then, and even then, he was assertive enough to really impress. She didn’t have such big breasts or a protruding hip. You know, let me look after him as he walks, let me say uff, it was not in taste. Still, she managed to attract attention with her clothing. I wasn’t the first to rise to Jülide from work, but my steps were rewarded.

I took it to the cinema. I know, it was very simple but effective. We were sitting next to each other and watching our love-themed movie. It was one of the sweetest meetings of our dating, which has been going on for about three months. Before I even intervened, I clung to Jülide’s lips, whose head was on my shoulder, with a momentary convergence. Luckily, it didn’t go unrequited, and our kiss continued until the hall lights came on. It was an amazing feeling, I have to admit that I was upright and wanted to fuck like crazy. In the meantime, ‘let’s go to your house’ offer came from my partner. Our conversation and conversation continued along the way, but the only difference was that we were holding hands. We were officially going to my house to have sex.

When we got inside, the address ‘my love’, which started on the road, was first spoken by me:

welcome to my house my love…
I’ll eat your mouth that says it’s love!
I slammed the door with my hip because of my lover, who had swooped down on me and started kissing like crazy again. While I was undressing him and he was undressing me, our steps were towards the bedroom. He was coming to my house for the first time and we started making love as soon as we entered. When we went to bed, Jülide’s underwear, which I had been dreaming of for a long time, was standing in front of me. I was only left with boxers. I lay my partner down on the bed, continuing to kiss. I took off her bra in one swift motion and only met her not-so-big breasts that filled my palms. The tips of her white breasts were pink and pointed. Even the nipples were so smooth that I couldn’t get enough of licking them. My tool was having a hard time keeping it in place because Jülide’s hand was already inside. I slowly stopped licking her nipples as she continued to caress and landed on her belly and then her panties. I peeled off her black panties with lace details… There was no darkening even a little bit, it was one of my favorite visuals in her vagina. His body was as sweet, I couldn’t get enough of the licks. I licked the area of ​​the vagina that had undergone laser epilation and went down to the hole. It was warm and wet. While sticking my tongue, I lowered the right one of my hands from her breasts to her clitoris. It was of great pleasure, and it was pressing on my head, pulling my hair out. The sex I dreamed of was coming true… It was of great pleasure, and it was pressing on my head, pulling my hair out. The sex I dreamed of was coming true… It was of great pleasure, and it was pressing on my head, pulling my hair out. The sex I dreamed of was coming true…

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I fend off my fury and the boxer I took out in anger. I placed my erect dick in her cunt, which I slowly licked and watered well. His head was having a hard time getting into it because it was incredibly narrow.

OHHHH! Please slow down, ohhhh!
My love, you are so wonderful!
I put my arms between his head as my dick slowly slithers through his warm cunt. While I kept kissing his lips, my dick was reaching great pleasure as I moved my hips back and forth. My partner, whose breathing was erratic and his heart rhythm insane, was biting my lips and biting my back with his slightly long nails. My heart did not hurt, it was four corners of pleasure. With the strength I got from his waist to clean his widened hole, I started to come and go at full speed.

Ohh, ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh, you’re great, ohhhh, keep it up, ohhhhhhhhhh!
I couldn’t stand my quick and hard burials that lasted for about a minute, while my partner was having an orgasm, I took my dick out of it and started gushing into her breasts. It was a great moment and I had a hard time standing up straight. I lay beside him. I brought our lips together while we were out of breath as I took her hair between my hands and ran it. After a few kisses:

I love you, Julide.
I love you Talha.
fuck stories

Do you want to meet my mother?

Of course, there were fights with little sparks in these unions that turned into lovers in the third month of our dating. I loved it so much that I was jealous of Jülide from the flying bird. However, she was a warm-hearted person. I knew you weren’t approaching with bad intentions, she. Come on, we were living in Turkey. There were millions of men who would interpret this attitude very differently. Ninety percent of our fights were due to this. Still, I think these discussions kept our relationship alive. Especially those make- up and fuck stories were really awesome, but I won’t bother to tell them. Because when we were in our fifth month, an offer came from Jülide:

Do you want to meet my mother?
Of course, my love has come to Istanbul.
Yes, it arrived yesterday…
With this short conversation, we would have met my future mother-in-law for the first time. Of course, I have heard from Jülide many times what kind of person she is, but today will be lucky to see it in person. When her mother was not even a minor, she got pregnant from her lover, Jülide’s father. When her mother doesn’t want to ignore it, they first formalize their marriage with the imam, and when she comes of age, they formalize their union with the real marriage. Unfortunately, the relationship of this couple, who became parents at a very young age, does not last long. The father is terribly depressed and gives up. After fights and noises, he finally decides to divorce and the father figure disappears. All this happens when Jülide is only three years old. He hasn’t appeared before since that day. His mother had raised him alone. His experiences and a little bit of his character had made him more and more crazy and hopeless. After all, being a widow with children wasn’t easy. He worked in hairdressing salons for a long time and later opened his own business. When the time of the pandemic goes down, he goes to Izmir to his sister. It was a logical decision since Jülide stayed in the dormitory and her university continued. When he establishes a good or bad order in Izmir, he continues his life there. He returned to Istanbul for three days to see both his daughter and his friends, and to distract himself a little.

Right after work, we set off with Jülide at the restaurant that I made the reservation for. Her mother, Jale, was going to meet us there. I was pretty excited actually. Eventually, we would meet the mother of my partner, whom I was planning to marry, and we would have taken it one click further.

Jale took her place at the table that I had already revised. I’ve seen it from photos before, but seeing it live was of course different. In fact, as soon as I saw it, I had sincerely accepted that she looked more beautiful than Jülide for her age. She was pale skinned just like her daughter. Red hair really suited such a complexion. He had it done in Jülide about a month ago, and I liked it too. Her hair was waist-length, evidently she had just come out of the hairdresser’s. Her breasts looked infuriating as if they were going to burst out of her low-cut black dress. She was 41, and she was ambitious enough to bring the idea of ​​fuck to almost any man my age.

As they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, they hugged each other tightly as soon as they saw each other. I could feel the love, sincerity and warmth between them. When the hugs were over, mommy turned her eyes to me.

Hello Ms. Jale, I am T…
Talha, yes I know, my dear. He talked about you so much that I thought I’d come and see you now.
I was very pleased then.
Of course, I kissed the outstretched hand without even bringing it to my forehead, and then I pasted my compliment:

It became clear where your daughter got her beauty from…
Ayy, thank you my dear. You were as hot as the people told…
Although I did not expect such a return, it seems that Jülide was used to such discourses. We just took our places with a smile. We talked and chatted a lot while we ate our meals. He listened attentively to me in every conversation and made me feel respected. I also respected him. After all, it was not easy to raise such a beautiful girl alone. We had already eaten our meals and were getting ready to leave. First, we would stop by the house of her friend Jale stayed with yesterday and collect her suitcase, and then I would go to Jülide’s house and drop the two of them off. I didn’t want to prolong the night too much because I could guess that they wanted to satisfy the longing of mother and daughter. I took the suitcase and stopped my car in front of my lover’s house, where I had come many times, and got out of the vehicle. I kissed my lover goodbye, and then turned to his mother:

It’s nice to meet you again.
I’m very pleased too, my dear, but it’s early, I can’t get enough of you yet. 🙂Come, have our coffee, and then you can go…
I looked over to make sure my girlfriend wanted this, but Jale spoke again:

You don’t need approval, I’m her mother! Whatever I say happens, let’s take care…
That’s right, my love, let’s have coffee too. What are you going to do to go early?
All right, I’m going to get my jacket.
I left my jacket in the car in case I was going back. While mother and daughter were walking in front, I took my jacket and approached from behind. At that time, like every open-eyed man, of course, I caught sight of Jale in a black dress, who showed her curves with every step she took. Her ass looked so sweet and beautiful that I involuntarily compared it to her daughter and felt slightly pissed off thinking her mother had won by far. Realizing that these thoughts made me want to get better, I accelerated and went over to my future wife.

What Ass You Have, Jale!

After putting my sexy mother-in-law’s suitcase in Jülide’s room, I went to the living room. Since I haven’t looked at my phone for a long time, I spent some time on Instagram or something. After about five minutes, Jülide changed her clothes and came up to me.

How, there’s nothing to get excited about, right?
Yes, he is very friendly indeed, I love it!
You don’t have to go if you want to, my mom doesn’t mind that kind of thing.
I thought you would like to spend time with mother and daughter, not her…
While we were speaking in such a not so loud voice, her mother’s voice was heard, apparently overheard:

Relax, my dear, you are her lover, I do not hesitate to talk in front of you. We will satisfy our longing again, so if you don’t want to go, stay, it’s fine for me!
Even though we laughed, I paid attention to Jale, who was uttering the words. Apparently she had taken off her bra as she took off her dress. Because under the blouse she was wearing, her nipples were clearly visible. I also understood that those upright and firm breasts were fully bra supported. Because the breasts in front of me were drooping in a way suitable for her age. Still, she didn’t change the fact that she looked sexy. Underneath he was wearing gray teddy bear pajamas.

Well then. Even I better wear pajamas. Do I have any love here, no pajamas?
My love, I had one, but I threw it in the dirt yesterday too. It hasn’t been washed yet.
I didn’t have much stuff here as we usually slept at home. In my house, she had many dresses and outfits, but I did not. Even while thinking about it, the mother interrupted:

There was a lot of one in my suitcase, can I give it to you if you want?
It’ll be fine, mom, I’ll make the coffee, you take care of it.
Let’s see Talha…
He got up from his seat and started walking again. Again, I couldn’t control myself and started to look at my lover’s mother’s ass, which I did not know what to say whether she was sexy mature or old. In fact, I couldn’t stop myself from saying ‘What an ass do you have, Jale’. The pajamas he was wearing were so tight that the traces of his panties were evident. It was probably more than enough of a sight to turn a man on. We walked behind him without being too obvious and entered my girlfriend’s room. Bras and panties were visible in the open suitcase standing right in front of the wardrobe. That’s when I realized how much he took care of himself and still liked to look assertive for his age. Because most of their underwear was either transparent or lace. Even Jülide’s laundry was not that ambitious.

He was crouching in front of the suitcase as he rummaged through it. The blouse she had tucked into her pajamas was slightly peeled off, and the red panties that hid her ass were slightly exposed. When I saw him too, it was obvious that he was already half-erected, as if saying I’m here. In order not to be obvious, I matched it to the right and left full zipper part of my pants. It was even harder with this move. Fortunately, it wasn’t obvious because of the pants. Without getting up, he found the pajamas he was talking about and handed it to me without looking at me.

Try this, if not there was another one but good if I can find it in this mess…
With my dick like this, I didn’t want to take the risk and get dressed. But he wasn’t looking at me and I had to try. If I said you go out and dress like that, it would be all weird. Taking the opportunity to have his back turned, I took off my belt buckle and then my pants. My cock, which was easily hardened, was evident from my boxer. I even thought of squeezing the head of my dick into the boxer and placing it upwards, but this time when I took my top off, his head would show. So I was in a pretty shitty situation! While I was putting my legs through the pajamas he gave me, he suddenly stood up and said:

Heh I found it too!
Sexy mommy with her face turned to me got up and saw my dick, of course, it wasn’t worth it. First, I wore my pajamas up to my hips without breaking my dick while looking into my eyes from behind. Of course, these were not trousers, he was officially shouting ‘I’m here’ in his pajamas with my still upturned dick. Jale’s dullness was gone, replaced by a small grin. I blushed terribly, but that wasn’t enough to get my upturned dick off.

Didn’t this happen…
It’s normal not to be in this state of course…
I didn’t know what to say in front of my girlfriend’s mother who kept giggling.

Take it out and try this. This is a little more…
I took off my pajamas and held it out, ignoring my dick that I couldn’t hide any longer while looking into her eyes. I slipped it through my feet and into my hips and the first contact was abruptly from the mother!

It was all the way down to my neck and my upturned dick was touching the belly of Jale, who was 170 cm tall. Grabbing the sides of her pajamas with her fingers, she tugged, pretending to straighten her head as she looked up at me. Inhaling her perfume so closely and blowing my ragged breath on her face made me want to kiss her. But I restrained myself, at the same time Jale’s fingers came out of my waist and glided towards my balls and then my dick. He was literally stroking me over my pajamas. I never responded because I was frozen.

Coffees are ready, come on!
My girlfriend called from the living room. Hearing this, the mother took a step back with great speed and withdrew her hand.

You set it up…
With one last glance, he was gone. I really didn’t know what to do in the face of the strangeness of this moment. But I had to hurry back. Otherwise it would have been even more ridiculous. I quickly took off my shirt and found a loose T-shirt from Jülide’s closet and got dressed.

When I entered the living room, I was wondering what the mother who was looking at me like crazy was telling her daughter. But it was clear from the way he said nothing and the way they continued their normal conversation.

Mother-in-law Madness After Honeymoon

The subject of this contact, which took place on the evening of the day we met, was never brought up, and he did not even hint at his daughter. She had come for three days. We had never met, either in the morning or the next day. Of course, I made excuses for this and stayed away. I had continued our relationship, assuming that this incident had never happened until my marriage proposal. When our relationship was exactly one year, we proposed marriage and started the wedding preparations with a sincere ‘yes’ answer. Since I don’t have many relatives, we never had an engagement or something that you didn’t want, my dear. We just got out of business with the wedding. In this process, of course, we came to the bottom with her mother, whom I had not seen for months. But neither I nor my mother-in-law did not approach me. I just had his horny stare and mine his furtive stare. And when we needed to talk, we were pretty much back to normal.

We went abroad for our honeymoon. My marriage was going great. Of course, we were in the honeymoon months, but we had never had a fight. Both me and my wife were happy, and we still are. Since I didn’t get into fits of jealousy as much as I used to, there wasn’t much going on that would require us to fight or argue anyway. We returned home after a month. We continued with our lives from where we left off. We were working in the same job and we weren’t thinking about children.

I didn’t expect my indescribable happiness to get weird with mother-in-law madness after the honeymoon, and I assumed that that contact between us was completely forgotten. You see, it wasn’t like that… It had only been a month since our return. While having our lunch:

My love, my mother will come tomorrow.
AA is it?
He missed me, I guess he is not very happy in Izmir. He is also considering settling in Istanbul again.
So actually it would be nice, you have a mother, I would like to be near you too.
Yes, I want it too.
We don’t have any debts, we can support you if you want, let him open a hairdresser again if he wants something like this?
What kind of man are you, I adore you! My thoughtful love…
Of course, I liked the reaction of my wife, who had kissed my lips. Some may think that you want this for more comfortable sex, but seriously, I said it out of my heart. So there was no such malicious approach.

It’s tomorrow and my sexy mother-in-law showed up at our door at around 7pm. I offered to pick him up from the airport, but he said ‘I’ll come by taxi, you don’t have to drive twice’. There was still no sign of aging in the woman. Turns out he was doing sports or something. That’s why she still looks so vigorous and healthy. I learned this from my wife at the time of our wedding. Of course, I wasn’t surprised when I heard it. He was wearing blue jeans, a sweater, and a beige coat. The woman still managed to look sexy even in her most vulgar outfits. After hugging her daughter, she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Besides, it wasn’t that hot or anything, it was rather ordinary. That’s why I was relieved. Because when I saw him in front of me like that again, the moments when he gave a fuck came to life in my memory.

After we got married, we moved out of our homes and settled in a two-plus-one house. We thought that if we had a child, his room would be ready. Of course, it was the place where we stacked the things we didn’t use until Jale came. Last night my wife had it ready and laid it down to the sheet of the single bed. I took my suitcase and placed it in that room. They continued to longing for the hall. I returned my accelerating heart rhythm to normal and went to them. Everything was proceeding normally. My wife and I had gone into the kitchen while my mother-in-law went to her room and changed. I was helping out with the housework as much as I could. We had already set the table and cooked the meals together. I even enjoyed spending time together in the kitchen. We used to include kitchen fantasies from time to time and make our sexual life as colorful as possible.

The smell of the food comes to my room, let me see what you did, girl?
We made rice with chickpeas, mom, it was very good…
OO groom, so you don’t leave your wife alone in the kitchen since she said ‘we did it’.
I support as much as I can, mom.
Well done, always be like this.
While we were having a quick chat, I was taking the dishes from my wife, who was putting the dishes on the plates, and placing them on the table. I saw those horny, crazy eyes again during dinner! Alas, nothing was over, on the contrary, a small spark seemed to be enough. This situation made me very nervous, but deep down I knew I liked it. After all, how many people could have had a mother sex story, even if it was my wife?

Sir, my dear daughter?
Do you know what Talha said yesterday?
I could see his loving gaze turn to uneasiness. He was experiencing my tension right now!

What did my daughter say?
We could support you to open a hair salon here, so do you really want to settle here again?
The nervousness had vanished, and a great relief came to his eyes. Although he does not show it officially, he releases the deep breath he takes and says that he is happy:

Is that so, groom, will you support me?
Of course, mother, the closer you are with your daughter, the happier she will be after all. Of course we do whatever we can.
My dears, I am glad to have you. I’m not sure yet, the economy is in the middle. I need to do a good account. In the end, if I screw up, I’ll be a burden to you too.
Well, mom, I don’t know if Jülide would like it, but there are still a few bracelets left from the wedding. We already have no debt. Even Jülide’s salary remains almost the same. We have had no financial problems since I took over the management. So we’re in a position to take risks.
Yes, mom, even if you screwed up, good luck…
As our conversation continued, an extra gratitude was added to his gaze at me. I repeat again, I offered something like this so that they would be closer and happier with his daughter completely. It wasn’t my intention to still have domestic sex stories!

Two days had passed since our conversation. There was no contact between us. But a few times, my eyes were on his mother’s sweatpants ass again and I was horny. Again, I’ll admit, I was so impressed that while I was fucking my wife, her face turned into Jale’s face. I felt this intimacy dragging us into a whirlpool, but I made no attempt to disrupt it. I’m telling you, deep down I wanted that madness to happen.

He took the job of settling here very seriously and started researching. He was also meeting with his former environment and measuring the market. In fact, he was going to do this job by trusting his environment. Because it was difficult to start from scratch, without any leads. We were talking about all this at the dinner table. We had finished our meals. I entered the last words of our conversation, unaware that the second contact that will blow our minds will happen soon:

Mom, the account is here, our maximum loss would be 100 thousand. Even if you fail the job, we will easily pay the loan with Jülide’s salary. Even if the job works, you pay yourself anyway, you make a living.
My wife: We’ll expand the business when the loan is over. I’ll save up until then.
I swear, if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have done anything like this anyway. No lie, I got excited again after a long time…
Wife: You have the last word, mom, we have your back. We do what we can. Now excuse me, let me take a shower or something, I’m too tired. My love, you can handle the table, right?
I’ll take care of it my love, enjoy yourself…
I got up from my place and put the plates on the table together and put them in the sink. As I returned to the table, I bumped into my mother-in-law, whom I did not realize was behind me. Glasses in his hands had fallen to the floor. None of them were broken as they fell on the carpet. But the water in it was scattered on us and around.

Are you okay? I didn’t realize it was behind me…
I’m fine I’m fine…
Jale’s head, who was quickly crouching on the ground, was exactly at the level of my dick. No matter how you look at it, it was only twenty inches away. He lifted his head and looked at me as he took the glass off the ground. Those eyes again. Of course, her big breasts, which I could clearly see through her decollete, supported this. The fact that he got close to me in our first contact seemed to give me the right this time. I put my right hand on his head, he was still looking at me. I brought my dick, which was clearly visible from under my sweatpants, to his head and touched it to his mouth. Jale never held back. On the contrary, he opened his mouth and allowed me to insert it. He set the glass down on the floor and slowly removed his hands from my legs. As he stripped off my sweatpants, he turned up and came out and touched my mother-in-law’s chin. It started so fast that I was pressing harder with my hand on his head.

My deep-rooted dick left my wife’s mother breathless. His eyes were very red. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back. I could see the spittle running back and forth between his mouth and my dick. I picked it up without ever letting go. I clung to his lips while my dick was touching his belly. He grabbed it while kissing like crazy. In my palms, I finally had Jale’s burning ass. He suddenly pulled back and smiled:

So you wanted it too.
Do you think I know what I want?
I think you want what I want…
He pulled off his panties along with his sweatpants. He kissed my lips again, and then bent over to the dinner table. He spread his legs and said:

Come on… Come on, fuck me now!
Yes, I was going to fuck him without even thinking about my wife! I brought my dick close to the warm, wide cunt between her legs. First I rooted his head and all of them with great speed. ‘Ohhh,’ he was saying with all his fury. I was accelerating, but he was holding back so as not to let out cries of pleasure. I kept going back and forth in my pussy, making sure I didn’t even fuck my wife that fast. I was so horny that I couldn’t stand it. I dropped all my cum inside and piled on top of it. I couldn’t even move my legs. I haven’t ejaculated like this in a long time!

He gave me a few seconds to collect myself and straightened up.

Come on, Jülide will be out soon. We don’t want him to find us like this.
Exactly with this sentence, I felt the feeling of regret. Because even though I had fulfilled my wish with her mother, I still loved my wife more than her mother. I followed the devil, there was no other explanation…

I knew that this short but adrenaline-filled sex was over too soon and I couldn’t satisfy my wife’s mother. But neither I nor she was talking about it. We tidied the kitchen together without chatting. When we went into the living room, my wife appeared and we watched TV and chatted as if nothing had happened.

Around 11 o’clock we went to our bedroom as my wife was dozing off. He fell asleep as soon as he went to bed, but I still couldn’t get his mother out of my mind. There was an incredible discomfort. While the restlessness inside me felt like it was going to kill me, it also made me happy. As he struggled with this indescribable emotion, the door opened. My heart felt like it was going to explode. I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or a reality, but he saw me staring at him blankly, and he called me by making a come sign with his hand. Making sure that my wife was asleep, I got up and went to Jale of my own accord, this time neither spontaneously nor demonically.

I thought we were going to go into the living room and talk about what happened, but my unsatisfied sexy mother-in-law just wanted the unfinished sex to continue. While my wife was sleeping soundly in our bedroom, I was making love to her mother as if she weren’t there and fingering her cunt and placing my hardened cock inside her. Moreover, this time, I was showing that I did not intend to ejaculate early, by fucking in various positions.

It’s been a week or so since I said all this. Every chance he got, he would caress me, touch his hips, place kisses on my lips. He loved his daughter very much, but he wanted me like crazy. This escapade made him feel the excitement he hadn’t felt for a long time, it revived him. I was no different from him. I liked to fuck her, caress her breasts. But I couldn’t get my wife out of my mind either. I literally felt like my heart was going to burst because we were going to get caught by him. Still, if my wife sleeps before me and I am well, I insist on going to her…

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