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Hi, we are a married couple, aged 24 and 23, from uşak for 3,5 years. My
name is Ramazan and my wife’s name is Elif. After I came from the military,
I started working in a private company.
We got on very well with Yüksel who worked with me in the same company . And his wife was closed just like my wife. (I mean , they
were wearing scarves and covered) and we started meeting as a family. We got on
very well with Yüksel, our spouses got on well with El and Cangül. The
intimacy between us has grown so much now. We used to come and go at every opportunity
. Meanwhile, the rise was 26, my wife cangül 24 years. And one
weekend we decided to go on a picnic to the hot springs. Our spouses
said that if we both enter the bath at the same time, we do not have a swimsuit, we have money.
We said let’s get it and on Sunday
we went to Örencik hot springs with their car and in the early morning they entered the women’s section and we
entered the men’s section and agreed to leave at 11:00. We
went to the men’s section with a high rise, because it was early in the morning, there was no one in the bath. We
wore shorts under us, and because the shorts were tight for both of us, your
dicks were very obvious, and we both wore white shorts. And
we went to the pool to swim, because he did not know how to swim, he was standing on the side, I was always
in the middle of the pool. I decided to get him used to swimming.
We rubbed close with him while we lingered in the water for a bit , so we had our dicks left.
We went to the sections to get out of the pool and scrub. And both of us
seemed to pop out. And I was very impressed. I immediately thought of fucking elif
. He brought the word to sex, so I joined him. Here
we both started talking about our sex life with our spouses. And
when we both talked, we understood that we were two families with complete sex. And
it’s time to get out of the bath. I looked up too.
I said let’s go to the outdoor pool in the afternoon when the weather is nice . He said that the room would be ok, then let our spouses
come in anyway, he said, “women also enter.” I said I would too. We
both wanted to see the bodies of our spouses.

Then I said, you can look at him and if they are willing, we will do something.
The room said why not. And we told our wives that we wanted to leave the bath and go to the open pool again in the afternoon, and
they said what are we going to do
. We looked up at each other and we said you should come to the open pool and
they said it would be too. And we all went to the outdoor pool together. We
wore our white shorts again.
Elif is wearing a yellow swimsuit with an open back and front to her chest . Cangülde is
wearing a red swimsuit in the form of a bra, with narrow red hips open underneath. We all got into the pool
and started swimming. I was very angry when I saw the canoe. When he saw the elif in the sky
, he was horny and he came to me and said that your wife is beautiful.
I said yours is beautiful too. The room is good that they are closed or we will lose them to
others, he said. I said no one but us can
shut them up just to be curious. The room actually said it would be nice if we could experience different things, but what would
they say, I said we’ll see when we get home in the evening.
We had fun together in the pool until the evening, and in the evening we came to our house. And
after a little rest, we brought the word to swimsuits and they said we didn’t buy them anyway, so we said how we bought them in another swimsuit, we bought them to wear in the
outdoor pool , we said, we got angry and we said you bought another swimsuit . They said yes, but we only wear them in the women’s section . He said, ‘Let’s see the others dress up immediately. they don’t have

they said. We said as if there are other men besides us, what will happen here,
and we convinced them. And they both became like models, the bikini they wore
and the panties they wore were tight. It was just covering their pussy and ass
. They also looked like they were going to pop out with both of their nipples swollen
. We just took them with us. And we sat
up, both of us only wearing shorts and a T-shirt. And I threw my hand on the legs of the elf and
started to caress the legs of the canrose on the rise
and suddenly kisses began. At that moment, we were almost all undressed. And we all
started making love together, both of our cocks were the same size. And
we changed wives, I immediately took the lifeblood and put my dick in her mouth.
He put it in his mouth and I got the canoe up and got behind him and
quickly stuck my cock behind him. Elif was lying on the ground immediately and licking the risen’s cock
between her breasts. And suddenly she wanted him to push
the tower and put his cock right in it.
We made love like crazy until morning

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