hello, I am a 21-year-old maniac living in adana, I have a 19 -year-old niece who is a sex goddess
, and my niece, whose name is chosen, is my sister’s daughter, and
we are on good terms
Let me tell you about my nephew’s body, he has round, medium-sized hips , his
breasts are erect and orange-sized with tall column
legs. It was a summer month when we went to Izmir. It had been a
week since he went to my sisters. I said I didn’t want to go and stayed at home.

We were going to sit and chat for 1-2 hours together, towards the evening I was going to leave it to the birthday party of his chosen friend , of course, I
was burning with the desire to fuck this sexy niece before. It was a very suitable opportunity for me
. I said can you drink something
, I said I’ll buy a coke and I immediately went and brought the coke from the kitchen , of course, I dripped the arousing
drop more than necessary . We were drinking our coke and watching TV. I turned on the king TV and it was a slow piece.

My hands threw away, I grabbed her waist 1 cm above her awesome ass, I chose her, she put
her head on my shoulder and we were dancing, I
slowly lowered my hands from her waist and left them on her hips. When there was no reaction from the chosen one, I started to
squeeze those super hips little by little. We were continuing to dance with my hand on her hip and one hand on my cunt, the medicine had taken effect, moaning sounds started to come out of the chosen one, I immediately lifted her head from my shoulder and kissed her lips, it was really very little and she was kissing my lips as if they were torn, her tongue and my tongue were stuck together as if they were one.

I was stroking each other’s lips like crazy while I was stroking her pussy while
oise took mine out and started stroking it with her delicate hands , I
even stretched it to the selected place and took off the clothes in one fell swoop I was licking her all over
her lips from her lips to her toes she was
begging me to get
her pussy if she was chosen I wanted to piss her off even more and she As I said ‘stuck’, I was pulling my dick away from him and I was
I couldn’t stand it and I stretched it out on the sofa and took her legs on my
shoulder . I fucked your pussy thoroughly 2 mails I ejaculated but Seç was still not satisfied the effect of the drug was like it’s just started it was exploiting my dick like wives longing for a dick Select licked my butt up again and this time I took it in my lap and fucked it in my arms I said let me go he said no

She said you’re going to fuck until the morning, she won’t go anywhere today she called her friend and
apologized and said she couldn’t come, then I called my brother
-in-law and asked when will you come. As I entered, Select was moaning , fingering his own cunt, licking his fragrant ass a little more, then I sat on the sofa and sat on my dick with the selection and entered his ass hole for the fourth time. I let myself go. I let myself go and started to get up on my ass 2 more times.

I ejaculated and got up and threw the covers, which were red with selected maiden blood, in the
machine and went out to eat. Even while eating outside, she did
n’t feel comfortable even when she was eating, she took it once, would she give up the taste of 23-size cock? 🙂
she ate her food quickly and said let’s go home, the food at home is better
. post I ejaculated on my cunt it was around 20:00 I don’t remember
how many times we wiped from that hour until 9 in the morning then
we slept when I woke up our
people were already asleep sele was still sleeping i went and kissed her cunt I woke her up
she pulled me towards her i said stop girl they have come
we went to the living room and told me my uncle is with me today He said, “Can you come, let’s go for a walk?”
winked, I said, of course, choose and we went out, we went to a hotel and
continued until the evening in the hotel room, but we were not alone in the hotel
, I’ll tell you later, I recommend
you all have a hard day, there is nothing as nice as fucking your nephew and your nephew, my biggest
dream is to choose 30-40 people . To see you fuck , cover your face with semen
and my biggest dream is to fuck all of your nephews

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