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Hi, I’m serkaN, I’m 27 years old and I live in ISTANBUL, I
want to tell you about a wonderful memory that happened to me.. I was running a market
about 3 years ago… a lady
was shopping in our market, don’t ask, she’s 23 years old, 1.70
height 55-60 She was a wonderful woman with dark blue eyes, her weight
was Emel
. We were serving Emel, but I
couldn’t go to the service because I was afraid of her misunderstanding.
Emel came to the market one day, I bought her tea and
we chatted for about an hour.
The phone rang and Emel called and asked for bread and margarine. This time I went to the service room for breakfast . I was so excited
when I came to her door and knocked on the door, so don’t ask… Emel opened the door in a red nightgown, I didn’t expect to see her like this, this morning was wonderful Emel. Her body lines were clearly visible because she didn’t have a bra inside . – She said good morning, after greeting I handed her the bag. Emel asked me if you would like to have breakfast, and I said yes without hesitation. By the way, his wife left early today without having breakfast, she took me inside and we sat down at the table, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I said you are attractive, the room thanked me. We started to have breakfast sometime Emel
got up and went to the living room when I heard the music I realized what she was going for, she
put a slow CD on the stereo, I took the courage and took
the dance without waiting for the breakfast to end, yes I started to dance,
I put her hands on my shoulders and on her waist, we didn’t
talk at all when we started the dance He leaned on my shoulder and I whispered in his ear, I hugged Emel a little tighter when I said Emel you ‘re
so beautiful you’re blowing my mind .

He was just silent, so my courage increased even more. this time
I kissed her lips so much that yes yes Emel also
started to respond to me, after the wet and hot kisses, my tongue slipped from her lips
to her chin. Then I went down to her neck, just
by touching her skin with the tip of my tongue, then I reached her earlobes, as soon as I licked her nipples and
touched the tip of my tongue all over her ears,
Emel started to moan . she was left in front of me, hugging her and going to the bedroom

I took her to the bed, I put her on the bed, my tongue started to work again, this time I was
licking her nipples Emel’s breasts were amazing and her nipples were puffy
like nuts, I went down to her belly after her breasts, now
it was her cunt’s lips
, first I wet her lips with my tongue and licked her clit, my
tongue was slowly starting to slide between her lips , the
smell of her pussy was amazing, yes now my tongue was
circling the most sensitive parts of my pussy now Emel couldn’t hold her pleasure waters anymore, she was
moaning but what a groan, then she undressed me but never spoke to me
the whole time after doing the same to me, she licked my dick all over
my balls, now she ‘s done i have room
I couldn’t be patient, I opened her legs and got in between them and
started rubbing my dick on her cunt lips. My dick was thoroughly
soaked with Emel’s waters of pleasure, Emel can’t stand it anymore, enough is enough for SERKAN,
he was begging me with a groan that I want to feel you inside me,
first I just started poking his head in and out, Emel’s wonderful cunt, her
begging increased “Come on, fuck me now please, Kenan, what’s wrong with me?”
you will,” he said. I couldn’t bear it anymore, I was inside
Emel’s body. After a few minutes, we both shook and
ejaculated, we had been with her four times that morning.
Our togetherness continued until she moved to Izmir with her husband.
he did. After our first relationship, Emel and I were together for 2 years and it was a great relationship, but we can’t even talk
to my love Emel on the phone anymore.

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