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I’m a 32 year old brunette anyway, let’s go to my uncle’s daughter one day by
coincidence I went to her house and she was at home smoking at the
door we had a conversation at the door the phone came she was talking to someone she was a lawyer
she needed to find money urgently I said I will arrange 250 on Tuesday or Wednesday
I hope she said so that no one will hear He said, “Is there 10 liras on the phone
?” I wrote to the phone, I said, I have 40 liras,
I said, let’s go to bed with you. Don’t miss the opportunity, I said you will get 250 more, he said ok.

We went inside, we tidied the house, if it’s a bit messy anyway, you come in I’m undressing to my mother’s
room I said ok I undressed the room undressed we lay
on the bed I had smaller breasts on average 70 or so I stuck to their lips our tongues were touching each other we got married but divorced in
a very short day
I entered my pussy, it was fresh, it was really tight
, I was biting her breasts, and she was playing my dick anyway, slowly
, but when I start inserting my dick, she says do it slowly, it hurts
, she finished me in 5 minutes at the most, she cried a lot, it was really painful,
I wanted to fuck her but she didn’t.

10 minutes later, I started to fuck it again, I was laying it face down,
but I was putting it in and out, I started to do it quickly,
she was screaming a lot, at that moment her mother called, she said, why don’t you come at that moment, I’m tidying the house , I’m almost coming
, she was shouting, okay, I continued
for 10 minutes or so I fucked this up I filtered my semen on my ass hole I keep fucking it all the time I
fuck it with 20 liras I’ve been going for 6 months
hi to all my readers my story is not a hawk it’s a fact

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