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Greetings, I’m Ahmet from Istanbul, I’m 23 years old, have brown hair, 1.90 meters tall, with a body that can be counted as a door and handsome in assertive style. Let’s get past me, the incident that I will confess to you happened between me and my own aunt Nigar last year, and it happened without any expectations. My aunt is a 39-year-old blonde woman, 1.70 meters tall, with milky legs, a beautiful ass, and taking good care of herself. Although he has a 10-year-old son (named Emre). Last year, I was brooding over where to go on vacation. I broke up with my girlfriend and all my close friends had already gone on vacation somewhere. I was so bored. I could only relieve the stress of school with foreign tourists during the summer holidays. But that summer, I didn’t seem to be in a position to do anything, both economically and out of friendship. Anyway, while I was in these thoughts, my aunt Nigar in Germany called us. They talked to my mother for a long time, so I did, so that it would not be shameful. It’s memorabilia. My aunt asks as she asks, “What are you doing on vacation?” like. I explained the situation. “Yeah, I already called for him. This year, my brother-in-law won’t be able to come on vacation, he couldn’t arrange a leave. I will come with Emre. Would you come to Muğla with us? You stay with us and you will have a holiday.” When he said that, I immediately accepted without thinking. My aunts had a pool villa in Muğla and it was a very nice place for a free vacation. We agreed, the day and time were decided, they would go directly there by connecting plane, and I would go by bus from here. Anyway, the day came, we went, we met in Dalaman. We hugged, we were longing, and then we set off. We were very tired when we got home. We took a shower or something and rested a bit. Then I started to fill the pool. My aunt was already wearing her bikini, as she was overwhelmed by the heat. I was stunned when I saw my aunt in that bikini. While dealing with the pool, they were preparing the table and sunbeds. I was very tired, my aunt brought something to drink and we took a break. We were talking about the weather. My aunt was rubbing herself with oil at that time, “Ahmet, would you lubricate my back dear.” said. I straight up said, “Okay aunty.” I said and added, “But if my uncle was here, you wouldn’t be able to wear this bikini, know that too.” I said. My aunt smirked and said, “Let go of that cunt, he couldn’t even get a vacation to take a vacation.” said. We laughed. I applied a lot of suntan oil to her back and started to lubricate her well. I was going down in circles from his shoulders. I mean, it was something like both a massage and oil application. I asked questions delicately and looked at my aunt with the eyes of the buyer. Legs and hips were like stone. I sprayed so much sun oil that it was too much and I oiled it right from the waist to the navel. Then I wiped my hand on her legs. My aunt said, “Thanks, dear.” said. The pool was also full. My little niece Emre and I jumped straight into the pool. While we were playing jokes and games with Emre in the pool, my aunt was sunbathing. Then my aunt got under the shower at the poolside and got rid of the oils and joined us with a head jump. The three of us were enjoying the huge pool of the villa. Emre was making jokes to his mother, saying, “You have brother Ahmet, you have too…”. My aunt was also throwing water and joining in the jokes. I was taking Emre in and out of the water by participating in the jokes. My aunt jumped on me and tried to push me into the water, so I dived in, took my aunt between her legs on my shoulder and threw her up. We were having so much fun. I liked it better to joke with my aunt. Now I left Emre and started to joke with my aunt directly. By taking advantage of the opportunity, saying that 31 material will come out in the evening. I was touching my aunt’s legs and her buttocks, rubbing my dick a little bit. I felt my dick start to stand up. My aunt also enjoyed the game very much, “Enough.” As I said, it continued non-stop. So I said (Is that you!) and I squeezed my aunt like I grabbed it by the pool, I was going behind her and throwing water in her face with my other hand. As you know, my erect dick was touching my aunt’s beautiful ass. I was also leaning on it without being noticed. My aunt was also trying to get away, pushing herself towards me. At that time, my dick, which was like a stake, was putting a terrible pressure on my aunt’s ass. And that cool water was burning me. I was about to lose control. But my aunt persisted in the game. I think my aunt realized this, and I think she was just looking for pleasure in her own way. Anyway, the banter was over soon, we went out and took a shower. We were very hungry, we ate. As the night progressed, we started chatting with my aunt. Emma was asleep. Because the house was so big, it was very difficult to lock and control everything, there were plenty of rooms and bathrooms in the house. Saying tiredness of the first day, we went to our rooms and went to bed early. As soon as I went to bed, I thought about what happened with my aunt during the day and started hanging. I slept soundly after 1 post 31. It was morning, the same conversations, breakfast, pool, sunbathing etc. During this time, I thought about what happened yesterday and said, “Can I fuck my aunt?” I had a question in my mind… And I started with the philosophy let’s try and see. I went into the pool. We’re having a threesome again, when we say games or something, yesterday’s conversation, jokes and such were just happening again and again. We made some progress with my aunt, we became intimate. I was taking my aunt in my arms and throwing her into the pool, touching and squeezing her in the pool without being noticed, and even diving in and biting her butt and legs. My aunt did not react as if it was very normal, on the contrary, she was telling with a suggestive look that she enjoyed it. Was my theory true? There were still 14 days until the end of the holiday and every day was 31 days in that heat. After joking in the pool, we were drying off, sunbathing on the sun loungers and having a long conversation. My aunt was oiling me, I was oiling her. The junior was experimenting with solo swimming styles at his own discretion. My aunt was lying on her back and sunbathing, “My dear Ahmet, oil me a little.” said. I just took the oil and said “Turn your back.” I said. “I’m going to sleep so well, I can’t get up, first oil my face dear.” said. And I’m like, “Okay.” I said. And I started to lubricate your arms. My aunt continued the conversation with her eyes closed, while I was enjoying the oiling, trying to hide my erection. I oiled the top bit by bit, now it’s time for the bottom of the bikini and the legs. I poured a lot of oil on my hands and started to oil the tops of his legs. The oils were slipping between them, and I was putting my hand between her legs and collecting the flowing ones. I had her calves in my hand, I was going crazy. I kept running my hand between her legs, dominating between her legs. On the other hand, I was cutting my aunt, my dick felt like it was going to explode when I saw that image. My aunt, too, slackened, spreading her legs slightly. While I was grasping and lubricating the legs with my hands, my fingers were touching the crotch of her bikini, little by little. It was impossible not to go crazy. I’m literally salivating from my mouth, I was having a hard time keeping myself from pinching my aunt’s pussy. My aunt straightened her legs a bit and I started oiling and touching the part of her bikini from her groin to her butt. The love was gone. My aunt did not open her eyes, she was trying to say something with her cracking voice, “Sir, aunty?” I said. “You give a very nice massage. Go on.” he said and named it. And I said, “Thanks.” I said and the conversation ceased. I was continuing the so-called massage. I was completely grasping both legs with my 2 hands, squeezing and releasing. My fingers would go up and down his groin, and every now and then I would slam my fingers into his net. My aunt was stunned and relieved, but I was rigid. Then I slowly went down to the kneecaps, calves, ankles and stuff like, “Is that enough?” I said, “Thanks dear.” said. I went straight to the bathroom and took a quick 31. I was relieved. We sunbathed. When I said the pool or something again, it was evening again. My aunt said, “I’m bored, we’re on vacation, we’re always at home!” I said. My aunt said, “You are right, but there is Emre, let’s not disturb the child’s order. We’ll have fun at home too, dear.” said. “How?” I said. He got up, showed the whiskey and vodka bottles he had brought from Germany and said, “With these, to ourselves!” said. All of a sudden, my eyes lit up, it was as if I had a “Pussy Picture” in my pupils :))) After dinner, we started to have a little drink and chat. Emre was tired because he struggled a lot in the pool and went to sleep early. My aunt took her to her bed and came back… My aunt and I were alone with alcohol, and there was my horny cock in the ambiance. My aunt turned on crackling music. I immediately inserted the fast CDs, the continue the conversation model. It was about 1:00 at night. My aunt said, “I have a headache from this music, let’s listen to some slow.” said. I said “OK” I changed the CD, put the Slow track. But in vain, I was horny once, my dick was standing up and down, like a crane. Slow dance legs came to my mind, the slow dance style always worked. “Will you do a slow dance with your aunt niece?” I said. “Okay,” my aunt said with a slightly tipsy and exploitative look. said. We got up and started dancing with the part of Titanic. Little by little I grasped my aunt’s waist. My aunt threw her hands around my neck, and we swayed like a lullaby, and we were making eye contact with each other once in a while. My hands were on her waist, I was now completely hugging my aunt. My aunt hugged me up to her elbows and let us be one body. My hands were touching the hip thong rope, my dick was standing up again, my aunt was putting her head on my shoulder, playing with the hair on my neck, making me feel weird with circular finger movements. My two hands are on my aunt’s waist, I was making circular movements, giving work to my own aunt like an accordion player, stroking the back, shoulders, hips, butt edges with both hands. We danced in this style for about 45 minutes until the CD was finished. With the effect of alcohol, I felt aggravated, “Let’s put the CD in again?” I said. My aunt said, “No, I’m tired, let’s sit down.” said. I said “OK”. While I was sitting like that, my aunt suddenly stretched her legs over me and said, “What fun did we have today, right?” It started to tire my brain with questions like these. I was horny, I was listening to my aunt’s account if I entered her pussy for 10 years from my life. My aunt was constantly talking about something… I was listening like a lamb and stroking my legs in my lap. My aunt’s legs like your milk. My aunt told me as she told me. I was rubbing her legs as well. Sexy sexy glances were thrown, “I’m sorry for your brother-in-law …” he continued. I was listening to my aunt with an attitude as if to say (What uncle? I don’t know…). Then a sound or two came from somewhere in the house, crackling and crackling or something. My aunt said, “What’s going on?” he said, “There is nothing, never mind!” I said, but my aunt was startled by the effect of alcohol. And I was muttering to myself (Shit, how did the night end!). “Wait, let me have a look around.” I said and looked at the door to the chimney, I locked everything well. I said, “Everything is locked, nothing will happen…”, but my aunt insisted on this trip. I didn’t say anything either. Anyway, we continued the conversation, after the fanfare and so on, it was time for bed. “Let’s go to bed, aunt, we’ll have fun again tomorrow.” I said, and my aunt said, “Okay, but I’m afraid now, how can I sleep in the big house…” “Don’t be afraid, auntie, I’m here, shout if anything happens.” I said. My aunt said, “Why should I shout, Ayol, you lie next to me.” When I said that, the worlds became mine. So I innocently said, “Okay.” I said. My aunt was also delighted and we went upstairs. I got undressed and went to bed in a boxer, my aunt said, “I’m going to bring the kid to pee.” said he left. In short, about 5 minutes passed, it was like my eyes were closing. My aunt came back in a thong and I couldn’t figure out if she was wearing a tulle nightgown or a dressing gown. Anyway, as soon as I saw my aunt like that, my dick got pumped. “Aunt, are you going to sleep like that?” I said. From my aunt, “What should I do, should I sleep in my dress in this heat in case a thief comes?” I stopped when I got the answer. After the traditional good night etc talk, my Aunt began, “Did you hear, there was a click again…” “No, I didn’t hear anything, aunt. Nothing happened.” I said. When I said it happened, it didn’t happen, I said to myself (This won’t keep me up tonight!), I got up and came back 2 minutes later, “Nothing, the child is fine.” account. “OK, come on.” said. I went to bed. Fuck the huge bed, you can’t touch it, you can’t touch it. My only hope was a click. And as a matter of fact, my aunt said, “Look, it happened again.” when you say. “Aunt, let me hug you, let’s sleep like that. It’s okay, I’m in.” I said. My aunt said, “Okay then.” he said and turned on his side laughing, so I snuggled next to him, put my hand on his waist. Finally got what I wanted. I came to sheep’s sheep with my aunt. When it came to this shape, my aunt said that her sleep had run away. We started talking, we started laughing and having fun by telling jokes etc. So I started to lean my shielded dick thinly on my aunt. My dick, which is like a pile, was well patched on my aunt, who was wearing a thong underneath and a thin nightgown. My dick was in the position to come out of my boxer shorts or something when my aunt said, “Let’s go to sleep now.” he said and turned around. “OK.” I said. My aunt protrudes her ass a little further towards me and laughs, “Good night, dear.” said. I was trying to get pleasure by rubbing my shield cock on him with small movements. After a while, I started to press my dick hard and I was stroking his belly with my hand on his waist. I was pretty crazy. I had no more obedience to endure. I was watching and my aunt was moving a little, she was touching my ass to my cock and pulling. I took courage, too, and tucked my hand on his belly into the little thong. I was touching the tiny hairs of her cunt with my fingers. I was on fire. There was no sound, we didn’t speak, just my aunt’s little purrs and my rapid breathing. It’s like we’ve been married for 40 years and we’re prepping to fuck like every night. I was pressing my fingers little by little and running my hand over her cunt and pressing my volcano-like cock as I pressed it against her ass. I couldn’t stand it, I started playing with my fingers with my fingers, bringing my fingers on her cunt with a movement that can be considered as a sudden. I didn’t speak at all, and with little groans, I began to thoroughly touch my aunt’s watery pussy, run my fingers and palm it. Then my aunt seemed to say come on now, squeezing my hips with one hand. I stuck my middle finger in and out of my aunt’s pussy and put it in her mouth, touching her lips. He slowly opened his eyes, sucking on my finger, and suddenly turned towards me and pressed against my lips. But it wasn’t the time to kiss, because I could ejaculate at any time. Pulling myself back I pulled my aunt to my side with a hard movement and took her thong to the side and I fucked my cock more violently than I had ever been in my life. ‘Caaarrt!’ came a thin voice and my aunt said, “Uhhhhhh!” he began to moan. Do I stop yet, I started pumping like crazy. My body was sweaty all over, I couldn’t open my eyes because of sweat. 230 kilometers per hour. I was going back and forth rapidly, while I was biting my aunt’s shoulder. I was holding her hips with both hands and sticking my dick in my aunt’s cunt. My aunt and I were moaning like crazy. I was hitting my own aunt as if I wanted to shove even my balls in her pussy. Then I suddenly passed out and ejaculated, I took my dick out at the last moment, but we were all wet. A deep “Ohhh!” I pulled away and lay on my back. My aunt turned to me in ‘Ohhlar Ohhlar’ and pressed it to my lips. The silence was broken at that moment. “My man!” He laughed and we continued kissing. We didn’t stop, and while I was touching my aunt’s cunt, ass, and breasts, my aunt was rubbing my dick and biting me here and there. When my aunt came downstairs and took my dick in her mouth, I thought she was going to rip my dick off. He was sucking like crazy and instantly made my dick huge again. He was sucking my balls, and even though I was in pain, I got crazy pleasure. My fucking balls were chewing like gum, right in his mouth. Then he started licking my asshole. At first I was startled, but it was crazy pleasure, my own aunt was sucking my dick, my balls, licking my ass. His tongue was literally in my ass. My cock was harder and bigger than it had ever been before. I suddenly got up and turned my aunt and swung her in front of me. I started licking between his cunt and his asshole. He was staring at me through the crotch, pressing my head even harder. Liquids were flowing from my aunt’s pussy like crazy, I was licking them too, I was sucking on her cunt’s lips. I took her ass off and started licking her clean hole, it was very enjoyable. I still wanted to continue even if it was in my mouth. My aunt ejaculated while she was licking her ass like crazy. What a ejaculation, water was flowing from his cunt. My aunt was twitching, and at the same time her asshole was opening and closing before my eyes. Such a feeling could not exist. Then I started biting my aunt’s ass, sticking my finger in her little asshole. As my finger touched the cartilage inside, my dick got tighter and I passed out. Then my aunt’s voice got louder as I started to poke two fingers in her asshole. At the same time I started licking her pussy, my aunt couldn’t stand it, “I want to lick your cock.” said. We went to 69 by lying down, I’m on top, my aunt is on the bottom. I was licking my aunt’s cunt and ass, I was sticking my fingers in her ass, my aunt was licking my dick on my ass, biting my balls… Then I changed position, taking my aunt’s legs on my shoulder, I put my cock in her ass hole, first she couldn’t take it. I was pushing forcibly, the head of my cock had entered little by little. My aunt’s asshole was lumpy. When I pulled her ass right and left with my hands and rooted it with all my strength, my aunt gave a strong scream and tears came from her eyes. Now my aunt’s ass hole was getting enough to be fucked, I was pushing like crazy. I was working like a jack, pumping. I turned my aunt, I messed up. I put it in her ass again, my aunt screamed again. Then I continued to press her ass with the sounds of groaning like crazy. I was pulling my aunt by her hair and pushing my balls in her ass. Then I exploded like crazy and ejaculated in her ass. I was ejaculated, but I couldn’t get enough of fucking my aunt. My aunt couldn’t get enough of being fucked either. While I was fucking, my aunt kept saying, “Fick mich! Los gibsmir! Ich bin Deine Hure! Ich bin Deine Schlampe! Fick mein Arsch! Ich möchte Deinen riesen Schwanz! Du bist der Beste Arschficker! Fick mich schneller! Los mach mich fertig! Bums mich knallhart! Jaa schneller, mein geiler Hengst! Fick Deine saugeile Tante!” He was saying something like German, and I felt like a porn movie star. When I cuddled on my aunt’s breasts and started sucking on her nipples, my aunt was crying with pleasure, talking to herself, slapping me, kissing me, biting me, scratching me all over with her nails. It was driving me crazy when she licked my fingers as I pulled the american 31 on her boobs. I fucked my aunt 3 more times during the night, twice in the pussy and once in the ass. I still had 14 days ahead of me, but I was enjoying it as if I would never fuck again tomorrow, I was subscribing to my aunt with all my strength. When my little niece fell asleep, my aunt was walking around the house naked. I fucked my aunt by trying all kinds of positions in the kitchen, on the counter, on the table, by the pool, in all rooms, 3 bathrooms. And what the fuck! I fucked my aunt for 14 days like crazy, screaming, in a way that makes porn movie stars stone… She keeps calling me from Germany now, asking me if I need anything, we talk. Since he went to Germany, he sent me exactly 2.000 Euros. bless you! Both ass and money. My aunt will come on vacation without a brother-in-law again this year and we will continue to fuck like crazy… It is not clear where the opportunity will come from. If I thought for 40 years, I would not have thought that one day I would fuck my own aunt. But as I confessed above, I fucked my aunt! So, it was necessary to take advantage of every opportunity, to force every door, without saying relatives, spouses or friends.

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